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I am from the Western part of Kazakhstan. And usually, this part of the country was not so well-known, even though the territory borders with Russia. Maybe exactly this fact played a certain role in my story. Other more famous cities, Astana and Almaty especially, were overfilled with tourists and citizens from other cities of the country. But mine, named Aktobe, was the place where you can find peace and calm. It all takes place when I was 4 years old. In 2005 the city was completely different.

Many interesting places do not exist anymore. But one store continues to work now. This store is on the Kenesary street, surrounded by many trees and flowers. I remember my first impression and emotions when I walked to the store, it was like you were in a fairy tale, another world, place where you want to stay forever.

The whole interior was in warm colours, toys and dolls were arranged in a way that you can hardly say this is a store.

They were sitting so at ease and there was an impression as if, as soon as all the visitors exit and the store closes, they will again continue to live their magical life. Every time I walked among the shelves, I lost my sense of time. There were rainbows and butterflies on the walls and the selling also, a toy railway ran through the entire store, there were several places were children could play with toys, draw, build different facilities, explore intellectual games.

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Frequently, the store played the role of shelter in hot weather. Inside of the store, in the right corner, there was a small caf? with delicious cakes and ice-cream. I remember I always asked my mom to buy me pear lemonade. It was the only one that reminded me of the lemonade which my grandmother makes. But after meeting with one person, my world turned upside down and the opinion of the store changed.

From early childhood, I was the type of child who was difficult to tear off from the television. Cartoons were my passion. I reviewed many cartoons several times. But despite this, every time I was more interested. My parents constantly wondered how I am not tired of watching the same thing over and over again. I told everyone about every cartoon I watch, with such zeal and desire to convey to others the uniqueness of this cartoon and how interesting it is. As a result, friends often asked me to recommend a cartoon to watch. But when it came to films, whether it was a family gathering or going to the cinema, it was so difficult for me to sit the whole movies. I was getting bored already in the middle of the movie. Either because I was a fidget or adults chose uninteresting films to watch.

However, I managed to find the film that interested me and which I watched completely. It was the New Year holidays. Large snowdrifts of snow were everywhere outside. Nose and cheeks instantly turned red, when you were going outside. My family and I returned after a sledge ride and decided to have dinner. After the meal, the father turned on the television and left it on one of the channels. At first, I did not pay much attention to what was happening in the screen, but when the New Year’s melody began to play, my eyes involuntarily went up, to see what was there. The name of the film was Home Alone and it was the love from the first sight. I did not expect that I would be so interested. My favourite moment is when the story takes place in a toy store Duncan’s Toy Chest. Kevin, the main character of the movie, helped Mr Duncan to save the store from thieves. Then the store owner rewarded him by donating Christmas toys in the form of turtle doves. These birds are a symbol of friendship and love. You keep one and give the other to a very special person.

After that, I wanted to get these turtle doves but had no idea how. But it happened that my mother and I went exactly to this toy store and the fulfilment of my dream became closer. In the middle of the store, there was a counter. The entire counter was lined with various souvenirs, trinkets, postcards. A man, who ran this store, stood behind it. Every detail of the clothes, appearance, manners of speech, movements of this man created certain warmth inside. And every time I came to the store, I felt like home. After some time, we become closer. His name was Alexander. A middle-aged man with blond hair and dark blue eyes was always in a grey suit, from whose jacket pocket a toy rabbit always looked. His timbre of voice carried you farther and farther from reality with every word. There was a feeling, that he is telling you a fairytale, which becomes a reality. Once it was heavy rain and while I was running through the puddles after my mom, my favourite toy fell out of my pocket. It was a diminutive bear, which fit easily on my little palm. When I found out my empty pocket, a smile instantly faded from my face, the sky seemed even more grey and dull, exactly describing my mood. Mom decided to go to my lovely toy store to cheer me up and find something new. In the store, everything was the same: kind, bright and smiling to me. It seemed that I was feeling better, but as soon as I remembered the loss, everything returned.

Alexander noticed my sad mood and asked me what happened. I tell him the whole story, and he thought for a few seconds. I never saw him so puzzled. Afterwards, he pulled out a blue box with painted white birds on top of it. I immediately remembered a moment from the movie and all the bad thoughts disappeared in a moment. He took out a pair of porcelain white cranes and said: Never stop smiling even if the bad days come. If you lost something, you would find better. These birds will help you keep smiling. Keep one for yourself, another give to someone you appreciate the most. So you will know, you are not alone. May they bring you luck. After these words I looked at cranes and gave one of them to my mom. Unfortunately, the store was closing. I thanked him and hugged as if a person I had loved and known for a long time.

Right from the beginning, this store stole my heart. White crane from Alexander became my mascot. I always took him with me on examinations and when I was simply worried about something. My mom also keeps a crane with awe and affection. Now I try to visit this store at least once a year to fell all those emotions again. This is proof. Everything is connected and happens for a reason in our life. Every minor detail is important.

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