A Slap In The Face Of Franz Dobler Review

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A crime novel is that? The plot offers little to the genre assignment to justify the publisher. Whatever happens externally nothing highlight value in Franz Dobler’s new book. One runs held in Munich around, looking for a few people on, talks a lot about God and the world, and the episodes.

Sun splash there. Since Robert Fallner, 40, during his last assignment as a police officer shot an eighteen year old in self-defense, he has not come off the ground. The police service he has given up that psychotherapy offers him no help, his girlfriend, the detective chief Commissioner Jaqueline Hosnicz, has left him and gone over to an ex-colleague.

After New Year’s Eve he can in the security company his brother Hansen (another ex-cop) start and may equal a “special case” to take, namely to free an attractive sexagenarian from the penetrating stalker who threatened her life. (Bedeutendster movie: “The Satan girl from Titting”) in the sixties, seventies, the soft porn star Simone Thomas was traded as “the late German answer to Jane Mansfield.

” But now the lady is mainly “difficult”, she feels forgotten, neglected and unloved. In order to assist the woman Fallner is gründeln as “good shepherd” in the absurd, sad life story of the woman, give her a bit of warmth and harmless to make chaste manner “happy”.

But not so hastily. Only chat away and we drown New Year’s Eve with the hero extensively in “BERTL Corner”, his local pub with “integrated welfare center”.

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The other guests ( “veterans”) are whose body is abundantly tattooed and betackert with metal accessories, “the old punk Armin”, two retirees “to poverty-smelling clothes” and her little dog. To their consumption and conversation blaring ancient punk rock from the jukebox. To everyone’s amazement snow before midnight, a sextet heavily made-up women in black boots, red lacquer coats and wigs in; those present revitalize abruptly, and The Clash soft Roy Black and his schmaltzy “Like a slap in the face”. The six “attractive sinners” belong to the band “The excited killer bees” and organize just in the pub with the distinctive setting ( “pleasant beyond the neoliberal motherfucking middle class clubs for Dubstep-asses”) a photo shoot.

Finally (on page 96) hits Fallner for the first time Simone Thomas. The ex-bombshell sitting in dark blue bright robe on a large red sofa, but looks distraught. Beside her slouch her son (iPhone, black cowboy boots) and her agent (in wait). Perhaps, muses the ex-cop, the case could be solved if he free the victims of the “plague” of their caregivers. But that simple leaves Franz Dobler not escape his investigators. First you have Fallner still many who have many more calls. Still, he says at the end: “I had is eternal no means so little happens in the, no murder, no blood … I can not remember hardly a case that was so bad.”

The author has with this thriller, which somehow refuses, such a being perhaps originally turned inside the old genre, directed into new channels? A productive creative power I can not see where Simply drop all the rules were ignored. What is left is then just a novel about the lonely, hapless guys who cavort in it. Some are just cranky, others downright obnoxious (including probably Fallner), but they are all broken lives that compensate for their bad experiences and dim prospects by drinking and brooding and looking to distinguish itself by cynical sayings knock. The mood is depressed, “Why you should actually live when you cursed so had little luck?”

Read value and entertaining makes this book two things: First, it is bursting with allusions (at least name-dropping ) on the culture of the past five or six decades. guessed leave four and a half pages of source notes on movies, music, literature and legal texts, which is to discover all that is when you let the thin surface of the plot and the single-track, rather cliched character selection once behind him ready. Dobler has been working as a writer, journalist and DJ, is a competent professional for country music and the development of pop it occupies a comprehensive insight into the historical soft porn production type “Schoolgirl Report”.

Second handled the author impressively confident, original and often funny verschiedenster with language register. In addition to documentary and legally-tinged passages effectively on a punch toward pointed episodes, a paraphrase of the beautiful old ballad from females Sabinchen, funny and cool sayings, wisec racks ( “I am of the opinion that the bitch in Schmuddelfilmchen also is not worse than a Heinz Rühmann in Nazifilmchen “), rhetorical tricks (Fallner had” police contacts … that had not his brother, although he had some, did not have the Fallner;., including some that did not exist even; and that and were the most important. “) of course, pure poetry unsettle a few trashy low blows into vulgar, repulsive disgusting, sexually explicit.

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A Slap In The Face Of Franz Dobler Review
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