A Short List of Six Goals in Life

Life is meant to have goals. They give a person a sense of direction and accomplishment. As a result, they give life meaning. I am no different from this. Have short and long term goals that I wish to achieve.

As of now, I have three short term goals I plan on completing within a year. My first goal, and most likely the one I see as the most important, is to graduate high school with honors. My parents came from Vietnam to America with the dreams of a better future for themselves and their family.

I want to show my parents that everything they left behind wasn’t in vain and that their dreams will come true. My next goal is to be more involved in the community. In the past, I had an apathetic attitude towards the community. However, once I became a senior, I joined the National Honor Society. While in that club, I realized how enjoyable it was to help others and cooperate with others toward a common goal.

Finally, I want to find a job after my exams. Since my family’s financial status isn’t the greatest, I want to be able to go to college without putting much of a burden on them. I also don’t want to feel the pressure of “crushing debt”.

Similar to my short term goals, I have three long term goals. Obviously, these goals will be more challenging to achieve, however, they will leave me more satisfied once completed.

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One of my most important long term goals is improving

y physique. I consider this important since without a proper physique, I wouldn’t be able to live long enough to accomplish my other long term goals. Throughout my life, I was never fit. I would always say tomorrow as an excuse. As I have grown older, I have started taking it more seriously. I want to change for the better and lead a healthy and prolonged life. To add upon important goals, getting a stable job to support myself and my family is my next priority. My parents have worked aggressively to get to where they are now. 

However, they still aren’t proud of where they stand. They have little to no money for any luxuries and can’t afford to take vacations. Because of that, I want to graduate from the University of Arkansas to become a mechanical engineer so I can support them. I want them to remember the sensation of being relaxed. My last goal is one where I plan on having for as long as I can live. I want to be able to improve upon my faults and improve my outlook. As mentioned earlier on, I had an apathetic personality. Specially, I was always lazy, inattentive, and some-what rude. As I matured, I realized how absurd my juvenile mind was. Therefore, I want to be able to change my mindset into a more positive one. This will enable me to lead a much more enjoyable life.

To me, these six goals are what keep me looking forward for the next day. These goals give me a purpose and a pathway to improve not only my life, but other lives as well. With an optimistic attitude and strong perseverance, I have no doubt that I will be able to complete my short and long term goals.

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A Short List of Six Goals in Life
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