A Review on the Movie "Legally Blonde (2001)"

“You’re breaking up with me because I’m too… blonde?” It may seem rediculous yet this is the basis of my favorite movie, released in 2001, Legally Blonde. A rich sorority girl from Bel Air is dumped by her political bound boyfriend because she is what society considers a “blonde.” During the course of the movie she gets accepted into Harvard to win her love back but realizes he’s not as important to her as she thinks. This movie is a great one because it gives girls of all ages motivation, it has a ton of understandable humor, and shows that the stereotypical “airhead” can accomplish way more than most people think.

Legally Blonde gives motivation to women and even men in many aspects. Reese Witherspoon acts as a rich, blonde airheaded sorority girl who throughout the course of the movie achieves getting into Harvard, getting over a heartbreak, and solving a huge court case. This can inspire many people that just because someone thinks of them a certain way, that doesnt need to hold you back from doing what you want to do and proving the world wrong!

Another reason Legally Blonde is such an amazing movie is because of the constent humor.

Each scene is filled with funny sentences and actions. One of the best is the “bend and snap” scene. During this time Elle,(Reese Witherspoon) teaches a hopeless manicurist how to snag her crush with her secret technique. Soon, she has the whole salon pretending to drop something, bending over and snapping back up in a seductive fashion.

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It’s quite hilarious.

A huge problem in society is stereotyping. In Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon is stereotyped as being somewhat stupid, materialistic and airheaded. This movie helps prove that although someone may view another person one way, they could be surprisingly wrong. With confidence Elle accomplishes things most people can only hope for. Getting accepted into Harvard Law, showing her ex-boyfriend that he is not such a hotshot and that she doesn’t need him, solving a huge murder scandal, and finding a new love. These things help people to be who they want to be, and not follow what people think.

Legally Blonde really made an impact on my life and who I am. It showed me that being a law student is more interesting than i thought, and gave me the motivation to prove people wrong by being the BEST I can possibly be. I believe Legally Blonde 2 will be just as inspiring, and open up an even broader horizon of people who will be touched by the movie.

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