A Review of Peter and the Starcatcher, a Disney Animated Film

Peter and the Starcatcher

I’m a big fan of Peter Pan, I watched the Disney animated movie so much as a little kid, and when I got a bit older I was a big fan of Hook. Peter and the Starcatcher finished the arc of Peter’s life for me. I knew nothing about the show going into it but I caught on fast that the show was connected to Peter Pan. With the boat named The Neverland and a pirate first mate named Smee, I think most people would make the connection fast though, not to mention when Peter gets his name.

I thought the show was well written and gave me a great prequel to the classic story.

The set in this show was interesting, it had an odd mix of being fleshed out and not, but it led to clever ways of depicting certain things. I liked the use of actors holding ropes rope to show doorways and whatnot and the use of actors as actual doors was silly and fit right in.

Just the set on its own though, ignoring what the actors added to it was appealing. It looked like the storage area of a boat, and for me helped set a serious tone underlying the comedic plot. It would have been hard to keep track of which of the two boats people were on at times, but I noticed there was a lighting cue. Because they had the models of the 2 boats sitting on the piano, I noticed that they would point a light at the model of which boast they were on, which was a small liked.

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In the second act, I thought the island set was a bit less interesting than the boat set. My favorite part of the island set was when the actors u off the large camouflage netting to shape and depict the giant alligator.

I think this was the first show we saw that had music, let alone live music and musical numbers. This aspect helped breathe more life into the show than the ones we’ve seen prior, and I felt it also helped the pacing because it created more interest in slower scenes. From where I was sitting I could see the musicians, which was fantastic because if I couldn’t see them I wouldn’t have known that so many of the sound effects were being done live if not all of them.

The actors helped with sound effects too, on the stage there was something that they would crank and it would make heavy wind noise. My favorite sound effects were whenever they used the slide whistle and the cocowbellhen things were thrown into the alligator’s mouth. I enjoyed the feel of the theater itself, being that it used to be a church it had an interesting layout and feel. I also enjoyed that I could look up and see the wiring of the lights and that the people running the lights were just a few feet behind me. A hihigh-qualityroduction with a strong feeling of community was comforting.

I’m a big comedy fan, so I’m not sure if it was just because of that, but the acting in this show was my favorite so far. I thought the explanation part at the beginning of the show was slow and a bit hard to get through, but from there it all got better. The chemistry between Molly and the orphans, especially Peter, was great and they did a good job making those characters feel like children. I loved the subplot and acting in the scenes between the nanny, Mrs. Bumbrake and Alf. Most of all though I thought Black Stache was fantastic, his character was interesting and his comedic timing was impeccable. I thought he did a good job putting a different, more stylized feel to the classic Captain Hook character while still maintaining his basic feel of him. He stole the show in all his scenes.

It’s going to be hard for another show we see this term to beat this one for me. The comedy was right up my alley, the acting was good, the theater was nice and the setting was lovely and clever. I even plan to try to go see this show again with my girlfriend. I’m really glad I didn’t look up anything about the show before seeing it. I think going into it not knowing the genre or plot made the experience more exciting for me.

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