A Review of a Classical Music Concert

The Choir/Band concert performance was a great experience. The music was very crisp and pleasing to the ear, while the choir accompanied them quite well. I really have no complaints about the concert at all, I felt that it was put together well, and sounded great.

The song Gloria In Excelsis Deo by Josef Haydn was performed at the concert. The piece is a typical classical piece from the time period, although there are some characteristics of baroque splashed throughout and one could argue slight preludes to Romanticism.

The rhythms in the classical period were to be pleasing to the ear, all of which Hyadns piece does. The rhythms are very flexible, and unpredictable, making it overall more exciting for the listener. The dynamics of the piece are greatly different from that of the Baroque period and extremely Classical in nature. The dynamics are extremely flexible. Passages in Classical music were labeled as loud, soft, very loud, very soft etc.

The use of crescendo, and decrescendo are very Classical period trademarks.

The color of the tone was also a very concept for Classical music, and Haydns piece, Gloria In Excelsis Deo is a very colorful piece for this time period. The strings stand out the most to my ears as very upbeat and happy sounding, almost proud in nature. The tempo of the song was very upbeat and face paced, again, staying in the Classical time period, which focused on entertaining and pleasing the person who heard the music. Also, in the classical period themes are repeated over and over, which is the case in Haydns piece.

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Overall, by listening to Haydns Gloria In Excelsis Deo, one can see the true genius he possessed by manipulating the sounds and styles before him and making a truly happy, uplifting experience for the listener, the Choir accompanied the band perfectly, and you left with the music still going on in your head, hearing it over and over, making sure you too were upbeat and happy.

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