A Report on the Video Bart Simpson - A Case Study in ADHD

The video I will be reporting on is “Bart Simpson – A Case Study in ADHD”. Bart Simpson is diagnosed with ADHD in this video. His behavior and actions coincide with this diagnosis. A brief description of the DSM-5 classifications for ADHD is a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development. This must take place in two or more settings and negatively impact a person’s social, occupational, or academic life. Bart shows this is many instances.

Bart has trouble following instructions and staying on task. This inability negatively affects his life. Another symptom Bart shows is the dislike for doing anything that required mental effort like an exam. In the episode he begins to pretend he is sick on test day to avoid taking the test. These symptoms are considered abnormal because they are not shown in the average child. It is easily noticed in the classroom where the video shows the lowered grades of the students that sat near Bart.

I think Bart’s upbringing and the the actions of his father may cause his ADHD. His father also shows signs of ADHD as mentioned in the video. There was no treatment discussed in the video but I would suggest putting Bart on medication immediately. This is because his ADHD clearly negatively affects his social and academic life. On the medication he can begin to show his strengths and weaknesses in the classroom and learning will come easier for Bart. I learned that this disorder is far more common than I thought before.

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I now know what some of the kids in elementary and middle school went through and why they behaved in those ways. I also had a skewed view of what medications did for ADHD because of what my cousin endured of Ritalin. This was changed when I learned what proper medication can do for a patient.

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