A Report on the Units from a Psychology Textbook: Biological Level of Analysis, Cognitive Level of Analysis, Social-Cultural Level of Analysis, and Psychological

Biological Level of Analysis:

When dealing with the biological level of analysis, the three key concepts | found are the localization of the brain, nature vs. nurture, and hormones. Localization makes up a large portion of this unit as we learned about the areas of the brain and their function. Taking this knowledge, we could see how damage to areas of the brain could cause things such as amnesia or extreme changes in behavior. Next we looked at how our personality is created through both nature and nurture perspectives.

We analyzed traits that could be genetically passed down and several studies that tried to support nature or nurture, Hormones are also a large part of biological analysis since it explains what occurs when we feel emotions. For example, we discussed how serotonin is related to happiness and adrenalin is, connected to fear. These concepts are the major pieces in the biological level of, analysis in psychology.

Cognitive Level of Analysis:

In the cognitive level of analysis, we studied thought processes of individuals.

The key concepts in this chapter were schemas, memory, and sleep. Schemas are groups of like objects in our minds. They simplify pracessing, but they are important to understand since they create false perception and bias. With memory, we looked at several memory models to understand how knowledge is sorted in our memory. We also studied sleep, specifically REM cycles. This gave us further knowledge of how the body and brain function when we are not conscious. These pieces were the most significant parts of our study of the cognitive level of analysis.

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Social-Cultural Level of Analysis:

The social-cultural level of analysis is important to our understanding of how humans interact. In this unit, | found that Social Identity Theory (SIT), stereotyping, and group think were the key concepts. SIT is how we view ourselves through others. It determines how we view ourselves in a group and our confidence. It is important to understanding where our personality truly comes from and how in and out groups work. Stereatyping is a result of schemas, as discussed in the cognitive level of analysis. Stereotypes can be positive or negative, but typically they create discrimination and false labels. The final concept | found important was group think since it is a current world problem. This occurs when a group of people agree since they fear standing out and being rejected if they voice their true opinion. Group think creates problems since it can lead to bad decisions in politics and business. Social Identity Theory (SIT), stereotyping, and group think are the three most significant pieces of the social-cultural level of analysis.

Psychological Disorders

For our final unit on Psychological Disorders, | found that two of the disorders are major concepts, as well as one idea. The idea was how we define normal and abnormal and the significant disorders are schizophrenia and phobia. The definition of normal probably the most important concept of this unit since it justifies what we consider a psychological disorder. We need this information before learning about specific disorders so that itis logical why the behavior is labeled as abnormal. Schizophrenia is one of the disorders | believe is most significant because of the
danger it can cause to the patient and to others. This disorder fairly common and has a huge effect on the patient. It is also a broad disorder since it has many symptoms and varying extremities. Phobias are the next disorder of importance since they are so common. Almost everyone suffers from some kind of phobia, making it applicable to our lives. These concepts are what | found to be the most significant of the Psychological Disorders chapter.

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