A Reflection on the Four Main Roles of Police Officers: Information Gathering, Order Maintenance, Law Enforcement, and Service

Topics: First Aid

Out of the four main roles that a police officer has, I think all of them are important but some are way more important than others. Now the order will be different for each individual but for me, I think the level of importance goes from information gathering (being the most important), order maintenance, law enforcement, and then service being last which probably sounds horrible but hopefully after I explain my reasoning it will make more sense.

Information gathering is an important part of the job because you gather things such as dangerous road routes, and problem areas, and you get the public opinion.

No one knows a town, city, or street better than the residents that live there, residents are your best resources especially when you may be trying to find a suspect of common crimes happening in the city/area. If they can tell you dangerous roads they can stop or catch people doing drug trades, human trafficking, or abductions.

So for this reason I believe information gathering is the most important asset out of the four roles.

Order maintenance kinds of work with this in a way because as you learn more about the more dangerous areas you can try to look for or think up techniques to keep the peace and lessen the rate that crime seems to be happening. You will have your “neighborhood watchman/woman” which is probably a nosy neighbor that knows and sees everything that is happening and if they don’t they will find out.

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As annoying as these people maybe they could help be a lead to finding the suspects for a case one day in that neighborhood. This is also one of the calmest and most relaxing types of police work there is which never really results in an arrest and is all about finding a solution that everyone agrees with.

Law Enforcement is important but seems to be very dependent on just responding to the public catching crimes, trouble, suspicious activity, etc. Their job is to detect and prevent crime from happening but since they depend on the civilians of the area for the most part I didn’t see this as being as important as the others because it seems like the community is doing the cop’s job at that point. On the other hand, the cops can’t be everywhere at once so if the police can build a relationship with their community where they help each other out I suppose it would be a very helpful partnership that would eventually reduce crime in that particular area. If this does work, I would hope for this idea/partnership to spread all over the world so that we can be in a slightly safer world.

There are three parts of service with two out of the three parts being important in my opinion. Now when it comes to educating the public and school children I see service being more of a disadvantage than an advantage for a couple of reasons. For starters, it mentions them informing the public of the dangers of drugs. I feel as if most of the public has enough common sense to know drugs are bad for you and you shouldn’t do them. If not, then people wouldn’t be doing drugs in their car for them to crash once they overdose, they don’t want to die so if they crash they know someone will report it and the police/ambulance will come to save them. As for the kids, most kids don’t have a book of drugs built into their mind so once programs such as DARE come and inform them of all these drugs that they have probably never heard of kids of course become more interested in trying them and seeing how it impacts them whether the impact is good or bad. First aid and helping mentally ill people are helpful things to have because the first aid could help with physical bruises, slight bleeding, open wounds, etc., and helping mentally ill people can make it where hopefully one day they can go back into the world without stipulations or someone always watching over them.

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