A Reflection on the Development of Knowledge Through Babysitting, and Volunteering at Girls Incorporated

During the summer I baby sat a two year old girl in my neighborhood. Taking care of a child is not an easy task, it takes a lot of patience, time, and what you can show to a child. I had to change her, feed her, get her to take naps, and taught her how to spell her name and the letters of the alphabet. This required knowledge and skills because I had to take responsibility in making sure she was fead on time and being changed correctly so she did not get any types of infections.

It took patience in getting her to take naps or simple things as putting her clothes on but the more I was able to teach her the more knowledge she gained. Teaching her how to spell certain words and learning the alphabet was not easy.

Teaching people requires knowledge because you need to have patience and adapt to different people who learn in different ways.

It taught me that if something goes wrong or if someone does not understand something you need to change up the way you are teaching so they can understand and with my skills in being able to communicate well with others and helping people one on one better my teaching skills.

When I volunteered at Girls Incorporated I worked in an office where I needed to know how to file paper work and answer phone calls while having to do things for the staff in the office. These tasks required knowledge because I had to remember to answer calls with proper language when speaking with different companies and organizations.

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I was in charge of paper work and had to file documents even though I was never taught how to do it, I had to teach my self and get it done.

Because Girls Inc. is a place inspiring youth and teen females to be strong, smart, and bold I worked hard to help others and give many of the girls advice when needed. This requires knowledge and skills because with the experiences I have gone through and adversities I have faced I am able to apply them to give better advice. I was not taught how to give advice or talk to youth and teens about situations they might be in, it’s a skill that you learn on your own as you mature.

In every day life you require skills and knowledge. You might be put into a situation that will require knowledge or might be involved in a project or community service that will require skills and knowledge. We develop more knowledge the more we are involved and learn new skills while making the ones we already have better in any obstacles, adversities, and everyday life.

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