A Problem in Haiti That Needs to Be Addressed Now


Haiti, a country on the shared island Hispaniola is the poorest country on the Western Hemisphere. It is also of the most deforested nations in the world. There are very poor road conditions and unfair labor. Only 60% of the population can read and write. More than 10% of its kids die by the age of 5. That part was the most devastating and called for further research to find the reason behind it. The reason behind toddlers dying is malnutrition. A problem which needs a solution immediately.


In Haiti family life is very important. Everybody is close-knit and follow religion strickly. Both parents work, but most don’t have formal jobs. They usually do small jobs for minimum wage ($1.70 a hour). Due to the 2010 earthquake many people lost their jobs and homes. In a typical household there are 3-4 people. Only 88% are enrolled in schools. There is 67% literacy rate. Only 20% go to secondary school. Their access to healthcare is very poor.

Only 26% of births are attended by a medical professional. Life expectancy is 59 years old for men and 63 years old


On the island of Hispaniola there is a country strongly affected by malnutrition. The country has trouble feeding its population. 40% of households are suffering from malnutrition. 30% of the children are faced with chronic malnutrition. About 50% of the total population are malnourished. Malnutrition in children can cause serious developmental issues. Developmental issues that are irreversible. Children who are malnourished face problems such as delayed growth, bone problems, blindness, gum diseases, etc.

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Haiti facing malnutrition is a major problem. Even though malnutrition has decreased by 14% a large number percent of the population is still affected. The U.S. has already tried to help by providing school feeding programs. That would work if everybody was actually in school. Children are widely affected but they are not the only ones affected. A lot of children don’t even attend schools to get the food from the programs. A solution to the malnutrition in Haiti would be improved access to food. Haiti already imports 80% of its staple food, rice. They should also import actual nutritious food as well. They need to start a program like Meals on Wheels. They need to also improve the road conditions so their people would have better access to the markets. Food needs to sell for less for people who can’t pay a lot of money to buy food. They need low-income programs.


In conclusion, Haiti suffers from many problems due to its malnutrition. If the problem continues then it may not be a country in the future. With the number of children dying, who’s going to run the country when the elderly leaders die? Who’s going to do laborious work for the country? The country’s future is in those children’s hands. If the adults there now don’t do anything about the children now then there will be no future for this country.

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