A Personal Statement to Apply for a Master of Science in International Economic Law

Legally Blonde has always been my favorite movie. The heroine’s experience reminds me of myself. We are both that kind of girlish’ girl who seems does not belong to the court from most people’s perspectives. We both want to prove ourselves, to use language as our weapon and knowledge as our shield to defend justice on courts. The heroine in the film realised her dream. As for me? I am still on my journey of dream chasing.

Entering Hunan Normal University, I have embarked a comprehensive learning in the immense yet highly specific law discipline.

I spared no efforts in the learning, developing a thorough comprehension of principles in the Comparative Law, Corporation Law and several significant legal departments. By summarizing those pieces of knowledge through mind map and examining my proficiency in multiple types of assessments, I have been able to track the inner logical between them and master the knowledge. Meanwhile, to deepen my knowledge and exercise my learning in practice, I have worked as an intern assistant in The People’s Court of Yuelu District and two law firms in Changsha.

Over past three years, I was most impressed by International Economic Law and Foreign-related Legal Proceedings. Compared with domestic economic and business laws, they not only are novel for me, but also make me look at the legal conventions from an international scope. Originally I did not think these knowledge can be utilized frequently in my hometown, an inland city, until I noticed some of my relatives are engaged in cross-border business transactions and often need to make use of relevant laws.

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My passion for this area was ignited and I received the highest score in the final examination. In this summer, I participated Investment Banking Course in Zhongtai Financial International Limited and obtained the Third Prize in the Business Plan Completion, which enhanced my understanding of economic-related law and gained my hands-on experience in this field. These experiences inspire me to acquire more knowledge about international economic development and the law, world trade law, international banking law and so on. So I plan to further my education with the Master of Laws Programme in International Economic Law offered by the Faculty of Law at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

I deemed this programme as my ideal choice. Since the international economic law is involved with legal issues in different jurisdictions and is not all about theory but also includes practice tips like drafting contracts, I can equip myself with sufficient knowledge when dealing with affairs regarding various jurisdictions in my further practice. And this programme can lay a solid foundation for my academic growth, in particular, to conduct and identify legal problems arising out of business transactions on the mainland and develop creative solutions to many problems concerning the evolving political, economic, and social environment in China. The abundant academic resources, expert faculty, and plentiful educational activities such as MOOTING will no doubtfully provide me an insight in the field and improve my oral and written advocacy skills. I also plan to participate the Sir TL Yang Society to develop my academic potential and professional skills and ethics, as well as absorb others’ experience and expertise. Besides, Hong Kong is one of the world’s foremost global trading centers. It is thus the perfect environment in which to study relevant knowledge.

| Let alone the influential alumni and the strong career support you offered, which would greatly facilitate my career. After completing my postgraduate learning, I plan to start my career in the law firm, nourishing myself in the cases and growing from an assistant solicitor into an experienced professional. And eventually, I would like to work as a partner in my law firm. I believe my dream can be realised under the guidance and tutelage of the Faculty of Law at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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