A Personal Review of the Ahmanson Theatre Version of Cinderella

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We all know the background story of the Disney classic Cinderella, but not how many different versions and twists of the story there are. The story of Cinderella can be related to many situations for many people whenever they feel less or unimportant. I saw a version of the classic at the Ahmanson Theatre that I hadn’t really considered but I really liked. This Cinderella was more than just a prety face with the right shoe size, she was what I considered a contemporary figure living in a fairy tale setting.

She was a spirited young woman with savvy and soul who didn’t let her rags or her gowns trip her up in her quest for kindness, compass ion and forgiveness. She not only fought for her own dreams, but forced the prince to open his eyes to the world around him and realize his dreams too. I enjoyed watching this performance of Cinderella more so than I thought I would.

The costumes worked well, the setting was good and the lighting set the mood for every scene, but what I most enjoyed was the way you could tell the actors and actresses were having fun on the stage portraying their characters. They were funny, imaginative, and full of energy throughout the entire play.

The plot followed the same timeline as the original Cinderella had, but this one include a few twists and turns I didn’t really see coming, but now I can’t imagineit without. The background wasn’t too elaborate but contained enough thought and propsto keep the story moving without the play seeming rushed.

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The main actors were on point as to who they were playing and the general plot of the play, the supporting characters were not as well shown, but they worked well as for the twists were concerned. The lighting was a great indicator of what time of day it was, the mood of the scene, and helped the audience follow along with all the action that went down in each scene. The twists and turns were new and interesting, but I felt like they took away from the classic story just a little.

Cinderella wasn’t at all the meek, sweet person at the start of the play as she was in the classic version, and though she was a strong character I feel as though that took away from the lesson that is to be learned from the story that is Cinderella. I thought all the elements of production worked well for the story and the setting the producers were going for. It was an enjoyable performance, even if the characters personalities were different from that of the cartoon film version. The twists and turns worked well for the story that was being portrayed in how they kept on surprising and entertaining the audience.

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