A Personal Perspective on My Values on Human Sexuality

Human sexuality is something I have never had to think about immensely until this course. Usually when I do talk about sex it is with a doctor or my partner so it is somewhat difficult for me to lay it down in words. I think that my generation has a less judgmental view on sex in some ways. Today, sex in society is has diverse values based on cultural group, religion and even your peers The society of sex values that I am surrounded by seem to not look at sex as such a taboo subject especially with the wide range of sexual transmitted diseases and illness it causes My values of sex may seem very untraditional for a heterosexual women in the sense that not all sex is to reproduce, or should be only between those you love, I just do not believe it to be so strictr I see sex as a way to relieve stress, receive pleasure, and to enjoy life, but these values can sometime interfere with one another causing emotional misbalance.

For instance, one may like an individual and want to have intercourse with them because it will be fun, but they do not love them It can work the other way around when one partner loves the other, but the other partner may not feel the same and could only be having intercourse for the pleasure it brings I’m not saying that sex, love and marriage is not a great thing to have, but one can have sex without love and marriage, those seem to be more like bonuses.

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I am very confirmative to my body and feelings. Evolution has shaped humans to acquire such adaptations to certain situations and so therefore acting as one‘s body or feelings tell them to is in all ways appropriate.

Now am I saying I throw myself at every gorgeous male I see? No, absolutely not Luckily I have somewhat high standards so there is a boundary, like female peacocks that only like male peacocks with bright colorful tailsi One of the first factors that have ever shaped my values on sex is my family I was raised in a home were communication was done differently and talking about such matters did not occur until high school, and any movies with sexual content were not allowed, Somehow this made me believe that sex was not a good thing and that I shouldn‘t do it until I am much older, it almost seemed scary I was afraid of anyone seeing me naked and knowing what I looked like without clothes on, so whatever this method was kept me from any exploration in the subject for a while, My family was never very religious but we believed in a God, and premarital sex was never discussed in the household.

When I got older and had ‘the talk‘ with my parents, they never discouraged me from having premarital sex, or any sex in that matter, they only encouraged that I stayed safe and made the choice for myself. I was never one for peer pressure, no matter how often something was said, or forced upon me I would never give in to something I simply did not want to do Hearing stories from my friends about their sex lives was good enough from me, and in that era I learned quite a bit about how sex happened, and how it worked and what it was like at a younger ages I was very comfortable talking about it to girls I considered close friends and I think it was important that I did. From there I decided I really wanted to wait for the right person even if it was premarital, but I knew I had time Recently, I have been struggling on my belief in God and religion. I believe it has caused me to have less strict views on sex and sexual behavior.

Without worrying about being punished for sins I feel free to explore and in a way I do what I want, but also keep my moral standards. The most effective influence on my values of human sexuality is the participation in human sexuality It’s hard to judge something when one has not actually been a part of it and therefore could not have a very good perception of the activity I think after experiencing sex it helped me decide that it is not such a big deal, and after reading about it in biology courses it was clear to me that human sexuality is one of the most natural occurrences is nature, whether it be heterosexual or homosexual, it is all just fun and pleasurable sexi

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