A Personal Perspective on Dating, Marriage, and Family

People in my generation see dating, marriage, and family differently then generations before us. Years ago you were to get married as soon as you could and start your family, having the wife stay at home with the children and the husband would be at work, While people still want to find a significant other I feel like we aren‘t in a rush…at least most of us aren’t. I see dating as such a hassle today for people in America There are all sorts of people I see and encounter with everyday and get to hear what they think about dating, marriage, and family.

Some people don’t want to date and would much ratherjust have a friends with benefits without the strings but still be a couple in public. So basically dating without the title of boyfriend or girlfriend. Other people in my generation might want to “trap“ their boyfriend or significant other by getting pregnant so they have to stick around and be their for the baby, I feel like the only reason someone will get pregnant to keep their significant other around is either because they know that they are getting cheated on or they think that they will get left in the future.

While some students at CBU are rushing for “ring by spring”, they want to be married right away and they want to start their family together as soon as possible, Couples now a days start by living with each other at an early stage in their relationship, which can both be a positive and negative thing Positive because it gives you the time to get to know the person in the same living environment.

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But it can also be negative because the significant other could get tired of always being with their partner and being smothered with affection and attention, People also get married too fast in my generation either because their significant other is in the military and getting shipped off somewhere or they are pregnant and know that it is the right thing to do for the baby. Another negative thing is some religious people get married really fast because I feel like they just want to experience life with sex and their partner because they were always taught that it isn’t allowed.

But in my perspective, I take dating very seriously. I am a person who wants to date to find the person I am going to marry. I feel like it is okay to date around and be with other people because how are you supposed to find your husband? I do not think it is okay to go around sleeping with multiple people though. I do understand that sometimes sex just happens at uncalled times, but to constantly be sleeping with every guy you go on a date with is a big no. I am in no rush to find my significant other, marry, and have a family. I want to be able to grow up and travel, after all, you are only young once. But if you were to have asked me when I was 16 years old it would have been a totally different answer. I would have told you that I wanted to be pregnant when I was 24-25 and wanted to be married by 28, I never wanted to be an old morn because both my parents were so young when I was born. I want to be able to support myself before I lean on a man to support me, I never want to have to financially struggle and need to lean on a family member or someone else to help my husband and I out with any bills or basically anything life throws at us When it comes to a family, I also do not want to be struggling financially.

I do not want my children to be spoiled brats but I do want to be able to take them on trips to Disneyland and maybe other states. I also take marriage seriously, I do not want to ever have to divorce my future husband, my first marriage will be my only marriage, I don’t want my children to have to spend time with their father on certain weekends because mom has full custody, I think a family should stick together. Itjust makes things hard on the little kids and most times they end up having bad beliefs on marriage because their parents weren‘t together. But I also think that it is 100% okay to not get married and not have a family. Not everyone is suited to be married and have children. Some people want to explore the world and it is a lot easier to explore with one person then it is with two people. While other people are just so busy with their career that it is the last thing on their mind, Dating, marriage, and family trends are tough to keep up with because so many people have different beliefs and see things differently than others.

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