A Personal Advocacy to Raise Awareness of the LGBTQ Community

I feel as if any debate categorized under LGBT will also always spark the topic of religion, making it a more controversial social justice issue. As the United St America has deep roots with the foundations of religion causing strong moral conflicts, it is no surprise that people are still close-minded and unwilling to accept members of this group. People supporting the LGBTQ community and its fight for equal rights argue that sexuality should not permit discrimination as this is not their choice.

People against LGBTQ people and their rights, however, argue that homosexual relationships are a violation to the traditions of marriage as well as their religious and ethical beliefs. During the social justice lessons my group and I will present during the week, I hope to underscore how prevalent and recent the issue of LGBTQ dis though we have seen improvement over the past few years, especially in a liberal city like our’s, this is not an archaic topic.

To this day, people still cannot come to terms with members of the LGBTQ community due to a lack of willingness to understand their position. Therefore, our group’s lessons will enlighten the students about what it’s like to be discriminated in their shoes before progressing into action.

Another point I hope to bring up is how the government treats homosexual n riages. Only 19 of the 50 states allow gay marriage and that it was only until 2013 that the federal government even acknowledge gay marriages as “legitimate” under a legal basis.

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To neglect a couple’s commitment of love dimply due to their gender without looking at them as human beings is an unsound system, and I hope this can be emphasized. In addition to informing the class about how important this issue is, I would also like to stress the psychological and social discriminations members of the LGBT community face by having them empathize with certain stories as well as our group action video project. This will also play a role as a teaching device as well as technique for the students to see members of the LGBTQ community as humans and not only as statistics. Lastly, I will challenge the class to move forward with this issue and not just keep it in our brains. Instead, I would like to have the whole school involved through social media and other mediums of communication. We will push to create hashtags and be actively involved in this movement. With this momentum, I think that we can potentially start a strong student-run movement that allows people to truly face and empathize with the adversaries of the LGBT community.

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