A Personal Account of a Wish to Pursue a Career as a Teacher in Early Childhood Education

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Preschool has been a major part of my life ever since my sophomore year of high school. The children make my day when I walk into the room and they greet the other high school students and I walk in. The children are always curious with questions about us and they will ask questions about our name or what our favorites are. They always want to learn new things but are afraid to try anything that scares them. The experiences that I go through each day are always new and everything surprises me but I put forth what I learned from Mrs.

Goatcher are handy when I am put into certain situations. I know for myself as a high school teacher aid, we are helping these children grow and learn more each day, we are a part of their lives and they will look up to us and want to play with us and be around us to get the learning and nurturing that they need.

With this experience at the preschool, I will also be able to earn my Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. People always ask me why or what I want to major in after high school and I simply reply: “I want to go into Early Childhood Education.” They suddenly ask: “Why?” 1 answer back: “Well, at first it was just for a Career Technical Education (CTE) credit towards graduation But once I started going to the preschool with my group of high school students, I realized that I absolutely loved being in the preschool setting.

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” I also enjoy the feeling it gives me to teach. The children give me a reason to look forward to going to the preschool classroom every week that my group is assigned to go. As a teacher, children look up to you and they will always look up to you and teach new subjects because they are barely learning and they can soak up anything that everyone teaches them. I want to be someone that they can just ask questions when they are curious and answer the best that I can.

We help them learn and grasp the basic skills that they need to learn such as writing correctly, cutting with scissors correctly, and coloring inside the lines. Teaching them that helps and they’ll feel confident and know that they can succeed in everything. With all the confidence that they have, the children will know that they are cared for and they have a support system that they can rely on. Their self-esteem will be positive and will be able to achieve great amounts of success. With all the experience that the 2014 cohort gets here at Tuba City High School, we are steps closer to receiving our CDA Credential that allows us to teach as head preschool teachers across the state and nation.

By our graduation in May, we could possibly say that we have received our CDA credential Earning the credential would be an honor because we have all worked hard personally and emotionally to achieve it. After I earn my Credential, I hope to continue on to study in Early Childhood Education and apply to Sunrise Preschools or the Montessori Schools as a teacher. I have so much to look forward to while I am still in high school and even after I graduate My fellow group of students and I have had a commitment to this program and the preschool for three years and it‘s almost coming to an end. When the time comes down to the decisions, I will know if I have passed or failed. For the time being, I enjoy the timeI get to spend with the students and all the joys they bring me.

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