A Peer Review on the Research Interview Wiki

In this assignment, I will be doing a peer review on the research interview wiki. I will be looking at what peer review is and analyse what research interview is. I will create enough time to understand the topic and provide feedback that would facilitate learning for me and the research group. Peer review is critically looking at a draft research wiki thereby providing praise for what I find interesting and offer constructive suggestions where necessary. Research Interviews can be defined as a qualitative research technique which involves “conducting intensive individual interviews with a small number of respondents to explore their perspectives on a particular idea, program or situation.

Well done to the group because I see that the definition of the research interview was well put together as it gives me a better understanding of what research interview really is. I also think that a vast research has been done to put together the style of interview and its purpose as it gives me a depth insight of the different research interviews available and how they can be correctly used to achieve the desired direction for the appropriate researches being done.

However, I think if a market researcher seeks information from the interviewee about the launching of a new product, it is also to the benefit of the interviewee as the information received from the interview can help to alter or tailor the launching of the products to the needs of the interviewee. It is indirectly benefitting the interviewees as their opinions would inform what and how the product launch will be initiated.

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Analytically, to buttress the group’s point on the semi structured interviews, the researcher according to Sanders can vary the questions asked in interviews due to the response from the participant (Saunders and Lewis, 2018, P. 159). It is also used by the researcher to check if their understanding of what the participants said is correct. Critically, looking the disadvantages of face to face interview which the group has done so much work on, I will also like to add that being face to face with a shy participant might make them uncomfortable to ask questions appropriately or withhold important information that could help the research. Furthermore, I would say qualitative research is using a specified sample to get into a deep and accurate research while quantitative research being structural and statistical, gets you the number to prove the broad general point of a research (Survey Money, 2019). To conduct research interviews, one needs to ascertain the purpose of it, the format to use, get appropriate feedback and ensure all data are adequately recorded to enable a well informed and unbiased research.

In conclusion, I think the research interview wiki was properly put together. It has made me to understand that the research interviewer needs to have a structure in place and be knowledgeable. Respondents should be able to express themselves and understand the basis of the research interview.

All information gathered should be clarified to reduce ambiguousness. Researchers should check ethical issues, give proper introduction of topic for the research and provide confidentiality of respondents’ details. There are different ways of doing research interviews depending on the information needed and the audience, the researcher should know how to use the most appropriate ones to get their desired results. To do research interviews, it is important not to restrict to only qualitative data or quantitative data but to realise that they work better as a team to ensure accurate data collection.

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