A Lovely Experience of Representing My School in a Musical Concert

Representing my school in a musical concert that was held in National theatre, Igamu, Lagos State was one experience I’d love to have again. It all started when our music teacher/choir mistress came into the music laboratory during our choir rehearsal to announce the invitation of our school by the Arts and Culture Comissioner to participate in a music concert organised for state government secondary schools in the country. The moment we heard the news, we were all excited and our choir mistress started auditioning immediately.

Within me I knew I would scale through the auditioning beacuse I am a gifted singer and I have been trained to always believe in myself. Luckily for me I scaled through the auditioning and was shortlisted as one of the lead vocalist while some were shortlisted as the back up singers and some others as the instrumentalists. For precisely two months we had serious and consistent rehearsals during long break and two hours after school closing from Mondays to Fridays.

On the process of the rehearsals some students were dropped and replaced by other students who were considerd to be better. Thank God our choir mistress rated my performance good and satisfactory.

At the end of the rehearsals, our choir mistress presented us to the school principal who was very pleased with our performance. The principal counselled us on how to uphold the image of the school even when we would have travelled outside the state for the music concert. The principal also gave each of us letter for our parents.

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The letter was to inform our parents of our trip to Lagos by next week. Once I got hold of the letter for my parents, excitment flashed through my eyes and | hurriedly rushed home to inform my parents who have been very supportive. On the day of our trip, my father drove me to the airport wherel met with my other mates and our choir mistress as well. Shortly after our arrival, we were flown to Lagos. Upon our arrival to Lagos, the Arts and Culture Department staff assigned to us logded us in a guest house. We showered, had our dinner and rested. Next morning, we all prepared and went to the National Theatre where we met with students from all other schools for general rehearsals. We held the rehearsals for three days. Finally, the music concert was held on a Saturday night and all the schools presented their concerts to our prestigeous audience who were not disappointed at our performances.

The concert was so rich in culture. It involved various state government schools from different parts of the country and each school had a successful presentation. The concert was wrapped up with gift presentations to each school by the Commissioner for Arts and Culture. After the event we were conveyed back to the guest house. I felt like the concert should not come to an end. The music concert was a memorable experience for me because I was privileged to participate in such a rich cultural music concert where I had lots of fun, met fellow students from other tribes and schools, learnt new culture, songs, dancing steps and made new friends. The event will always linger in my memory and I’d love to have it all over again.

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