A Look at NAACP's Call for Ratification of the Anti-Lynching Act in the United States

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Hello Ladies and gentlemen I stand here before you as a concerned Human Being and a U.S. citizen representing the NAACP. Most of you are familiar with the organization, and for those of you who aren’t, we are the NAACP. The National Association For The Advancement of Color People. We strive to amend the injustices committed toward the advancement of color people in this world in which we are all a part  So as I stand here before you I am reminded of our natural right as beings of this free world to assemble and practice free speech as indicated by the l amendment.

This great right has been enforced by our Constitution. Ladies and Gentlemen, I come forth today to speak about the future of this Nation. This country has been the home of African Americans since the New World has existed. We have been in this country since its conception the(African Americans) are the reason for its conception and it’s only now that some progress has been made towards freedom and equality for blacks in America.

I speak for all African Americans when I say not enough is being done to alleviate the racial bedlam going on in the South. The higher authority seems to turn the other cheek on the many cruel mortalities committed each day by white Supremacists and average white Americans towards blacks. The South on in fire day and night. One can smell Human skin burning amidst the sunset as if this morbid scene is a marvelous picture for one to enjoy, the body is left there hanging from the beautiful trees in the South to be made a spectacle.

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The NAACP’s primary focus here today is to get congress to consider anti-lynching legislation passed and mainly enforced with due process of the law.

We the NAACP are here as the voice for the Southern African Americans who are subject to being lynched at any time without due process of the law. With this being said I would like direct everyone to the writings of Ida B. Wells. She is A prominent writer and has had her life threatened numerous times for exposing the cruelty and utter racism going on in the south. from as recent 1892 through the 1900s. Wells exposed exactly how the Fourteenth Amendment means nothing in the South right now. She does this by giving counts of unjust murders of the African Americans of the South by the white mobs running rampant in the south who have gone unprosecuted in lynchings in the South. Imagine coming home and finding your husband or wife missing, only to find out a mob abducted her and has lynched her, and with nothing but an allegation to defend the lynching? As Wells Stated in her underground pamphlet A Red Record, “during these years more than 10 thousand Negroes have been killed in cold blood without the formality of judicial trial….the same record shows that during all these years, and for all these murders only three white men have been tried, convicted, and executed.” Wells unveils the facade of the white southerner’s justification for lynching blacks. The word chivalry is claimed by the white man. He feels he has to safeguard his women from ‘black savagery’ in this case rape for the sake of all-white womanhood having no recourse but to lynch the “monster.” Through wells, we can shed light on what that means. wells mentionmhaveention who are the true monsters. “True chivalry respects all womanhood, and no one who reads the records as it is written in the faces of the millions of mulattoes in the South, will form a minute conceive that the Southern white man had a very chivalrous regard for the honor due to women of his race or respect for the womanhood which circumstances placed in his power.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we the NAACP propose this Anti-Lynching Act to be ratified as a means of putting a stop to the ruthless lynchings going on in the south which in essence goes against the Fourteenth Amendment of our Political bible- the Constitution. We are committed to reviving Black Reconstruction. This Reconstruction must continue as it is evident with every Black innocent child found hanging from their neck that black autonomy is not even close. The ignorant and racist justifications mentioned have ruined many African American Families and have taken the lives of thousands of Black Men, women,n and children in the South.

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