A Literary Analysis of the Play Cyrano De Bergerac

Words are used every day. They are a part of life, and have the power to make people laugh, smile, or cry. Words are used all over the world in hundreds of different languages, and in thousands of different scenarios. In life and the play, “Cyrano De Bergerac”, the words people say and words people hear can be very powerful depending on the meaning behind them, and where they are coming from.

The power of a word can vary enormously from person to person depending on the connotation and circumstance.

In life, for instance, racist or derogatory comments are great examples where the power of words shifts depending on what they mean to people. Racists are usually powerful because they have a history behind them. Words like “f “nose” have a deep connection to Cyrano, but to other people “nose” is nothing special. When Cyrano hears comments about his gigantic nose it gives him great insecurity and scars his soul. There is no doubt that words have power, but the power given to a word differentiates a lot depending on how it affects the person, and how it relates to the person.

Idolizing someone, or looking up to them, is common in daily life, and in m people take what they say or do into great consideration. In the play Cyr, and is in love with Roxanne, a beautiful young woman who is in love with someone else, and what she says Cyrano reals into consideration. On page 77 in the play, Roxanne is describing the person whom she loves, and Cyrano is hoping she is talking about him.

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She mentions characteristics such as wit and intelligence, but she also mentions handsome. He realizes that it is not he who is her lover. “It’s … It’s … It’s only a twinge of pain from this little scratch” (Rostand 77). This quotation shows that the importance of a word depends on who is saying it. Had someone else said this, Cyrano would have just rubbed it off, but when Roxanne says it, the importance of the word “handsome” is suddenly changed. This is true for anyone, if one hears a comment from a person one cares for, respects, or relates to, the comment might have a greater effect than if for instance, a stranger says it to someone.

In summation, words are powerful for the good and bad. Words can bring out the best of someone, but can also bring out the worst. Words are like facades. They can be great and beautiful on the outside, but one can truly never know what is going on inside of them. The true meaning and history behind a façade are at many times different from façade to façade just like a word has a different meaning from person to person. Words are one of the most powerful aspects of life. Words can make or break someone depending on who they are coming from, and the history behind them. Words are powerful and are great if used in the right way.

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