A Historical Perspective on Human Sexuality

Topics: Sexuality

By examining historical trends in sexuality, it is easier to predict future trends and understand current attitudes toward sexuality. Just by observing cultural trends from the last century alone, the freedom of expression of sexuality, especially for women, has increased and decreased depending on the decade. In the roaring 20s there was a surge of sexual activity as it was a sexual revolution. Women were viewed as needing a man’s help to experience sexual pleasure and that attitude led towards the trend in activity.

As time progresses, sexual attitudes and activities have reflected the cultural and current events of the time. Studying history and understanding how sexual perspective is linked to cultural attitudes, actions, and current events allows us to better understand current sexual perspectives in society. The psychological factors involved in sexuality can be examined with a historical perspective because humans have had varying thought processes regarding sexuality throughout time.

There have been periods of time where sex was viewed only as a tool for procreation, and other periods where common thought was that sex was for pleasure.

Studying history gives us insight of seeing how different events or groups of people affected sexual behaviors and thoughts. When birth control became available, more people began to engage in sexual activities before marriage, and the rate of births outside of marriage increased. Influence from religious groups from the 19’“ century affected people psychologically because they were led to believe that having sex outside of marriage was sinful and therefore their fears influenced their behavior and attitudes towards people who didn’t follow the social norms.

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Religious beliefs have had a significant role in how sexuality has been viewed. In addition to negative opinions about premarital sex, religious views have given homosexuality a negative connotation.

It has taken decades of time for opinions to change and see homosexuality and premarital or pleasureful sex in a neutral or positive light instead of a negative. By examining religion and how those beliefs impact the psychological thinking of the people who practice that religion, we can see why certain groups of people maintain the opinions of sex that they have and how they could be completely biased if they have never looked at sexuality in a different context. We can see how different religions view sex in the context of the other beliefs and attitudes that those religions have. For example, very regimented and strict religions are more likely to encourage a conservative, procreational view of sex, whereas a more openminded and liberal religion is likely to support a more liberal view that might allow sex outside of marriage, multiple wives, and homosexuality.

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