A family can be portrayed as dysfunctional in numerous ways

The Loman family lacks honesty and is built on lies. The lack of honesty begins when Willy tells Linda that he is not able to drive anymore given because he was “admiring the scenery” and lies about being New England’s vital man.Willy had told a lie about his earnings from his job as a salesman. Given that Willy doesn’t make enough he goes to his neighbor once a week for money and later hands it back to Linda pretending that it is his weekly pay.

He puts himself out there as an excellent salesman and that he is well-liked by everyone to be able to impress his sons. Even once told his sons that he had a coffee with the mayor of Providence. His obsession with achieving the American dream leads to him telling lies, often lies about his life.The American Dream for Willy is being able to achieve things on his own to make something for his family and to be successful.

Apart from Willy not being able to be honest he is not the only one telling lies. Dishonesty is common in the Loman family.

Happy is the other son of Willy and Linda Loman and he also does not tell the truth. Happy tells lies about his job to try to impress his father. Happy had always been put second to his father and mother. He appears to get all the ladies at his job and tries to make himself look good infront of them.

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He tells them lies to try to get their attention. He associates with the wife of three executive men and enjoys it.

He is seen to be a competitive person. Page 14 “I don’t know what gets into me, maybe I just have an overdeveloped sense of competition or something, but I went and ruined her, and furthermore I can’t get rid of her. And he’s the third executive I’ve done to that” After stating that Happy reveals that he gets offered a hundred dollars and to take brides. Willy and Happy share a similarity between each other and that would be to do anything to be successful.

Biff Loman is the oldest son of Linda and Willy Loman. While working for Oliver Biff had stolen and lied to him. Biff had quit the job with Oliver since he stole a carton of basketballs and did not know whether he had known it was him. Page 15 Biff states “Well I think he was going to. I think that’s why I quit. I was never sure whether he knew or not. I know he thought the world of me, though. I was the only one he’d let lock up the place.” While being with Willy and Happy, Biff informs them to see the new football that he had gotten. Willy questions biff on where he got it and Biff responds by saying “The coach told me to practice my passing.” On the other hand that can be seen as being dishonest.

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A family can be portrayed as dysfunctional in numerous ways
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