A Discussion on the Importance of a Christian to Be Involved in Politics

In R. Albert Mohler’s three articles, Engaging the City ofMan, Transforming Culture, and Christian Morality and Public Law- Five Theses, the author discusses the importance of the Christian to be actively involved with politics. Mohler’s strongest argument is that Christians need to be involved with politics to exercise the commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” He says that since we are here for only a short time, we need to use the opportunities and influence we have to impact the peoples in the “City of Man.

” Loving here takes the meaning of being wise in politics, allowing room to impact people for Christ. Mohler also discusses the fact that America is increasingly allowing non-Biblical ideas take root in modern culture, such as unmarried teen motherhood and vulgarity in media.

Mohler’s answer to this is that we, as Christians, need to reach out to the people as individuals and not necessarily to the culture as a whole, He gives us five theses on Christian morality and public law These are some guidelines for a democracy such as ours to put on “public discourse” They include equal rights for everyone to speak, including those who profess the Christian religion, and since our democracy limits religious discourse, then it should limit secular discourse as well.

His weaker opinions are hidden to me; I agree with what Mohler says. He has handled the subject with incredible honesty and sensitivity. However, I found his second thesis a bit odd. “Citizens participating in public debate over law and public policy should declare the convictional basis for their arguments.

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” I can see how this could prove helpful, yet I also see this making things worse, Honesty, when applied to conviction, is only sometimes beneficial.

Other times, convictions can clash harder than opinions. Mohler makes very good points, He also makes them with an inoffensive approach. It’s true that our culture has deteriorated over the years, and that the Church is doing its job poorly. Mohler’s paper about the City of Man not being our home puts important perspective on what we do with our time in that City. Since our culture is so hurting and broken, then Mahler’s emphasis on loving your neighbor as yourself is key, Loving will work much better than opposing, which is not the choice of many churches today. Mohler also nails the target with his five theses. I know personally I am increasingly annoyed with politicians or other people in authority who ban Christian opinion simply because “it offends them,” Mohler’s theses provide a way for opposing ideas to get along with each other and still be heard, which we are each entitled to as citizens of the United States.

I believe the Christian‘s responsibility to engage culture with God’s truth is one that needs to be taken on with preparedness and an enormous amount of love People in today’s culture seem to love to argue, so arguing isn‘t the best path if we want to impact people with Christ‘s love. It is that- to love. People are touched more by thoughtful, loving acts of service than by loud arguments, Go out and talk to someone you pass by on the street- they’ll probably tell you that they do indeed have problems and woes. Everyone today has problems, and they usually want those problems solved. We as Christians have the answer to their problems. The answer is best given in love, not force. Some Christians take this as an excuse to be passive, since love is something you have to work at over a period of time. This is not the case. We still need to be active in our world’s happenings, especially in politics. Politics affects the largest amount of people, and therefore would be a valuable source to reach even more.

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