A Discussion on Private Tutoring and the Demand for Additional Coaching

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Quite a long time ago, private tutoring was a man to individual sort of business. Educators and graduate understudy with time to save assisted neighborhood youngsters with their studies and got an unobtrusive 10-12$ every hour. Tutors mostly helped students with subjects such as Science, English, and mathematics. The coaching philosophy continued as before quite a long time, student after students. With the advancement in the new technology and digital world, tutoring is a growing. booming and it has become something every individual wants to be involved.

Many parents are unhappy with the education that the children get from schools. Parents are eager to get their children extra help and are willing to pay for the services.

The demand for additional coaching for the children is evident with the frequently news involving schools and education. The digital age has created a conducive platform where students and teachers can meet online at any time. Home tuition is not the same as it used to be, despite some parents being reluctant to adopt online tutoring, while other schools see it as interfering, many of students and children from all age are being tutored online (Poole & Warner, 1998.

Today a person with the right skills and teaching experience can venture into the tutoring field and succeed. Online instructors are continually using various online training tools to aid in the teaching process. Having spotted a gap prompted me to think of initiating a platform where I too can offer the online tutoring services, and help quench the thirst of the many children out there.

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Business online idea An online business will require a website that supports both the tutor and the student. The site will allow secure communication between the teacher and the students. All conversation and tutoring should be done on the platform. The student will request assistance from the platform and quote a price of which 20% percent is deducted as my support fee.

The teacher with good understanding on the subject will bid his price and provide a brief description as to why the parent or student should hire him or her. The teacher is paid on the hourly basis, of quality, time spends tutoring, and guiding the student via Skype linked to our website. To ensure that the tutor spends the hours allocated training and not dong other stuff, I will incorporate a tracking device that captures screenshots on the tutors’ device randomly. It is important for owner to acquire the qualification. Equiping oneself with an online training short course like training accreditation program (TAP) which is a certificate in e- learning. This will equip you with the requirements to handle the business and closely monitor its initialization and operationalization.

However, the company presents few challenges, such as lack of actual human interaction and most difficulty in managing many international students’ sessions. The digital world has tried to save most of the challenges through the introduction of successful software applications. These applications improve the teaching process and heighten the learning experience for the student through participation. Some of the software tools that ease the tutoring process are: Online Whiteboards Just like the classroom whiteboard, the online board allows the tutor to write a draw to a blank whiteboard for the student to see. This platform will make the teaching process more interactive just like a classroom. The tool is such effective that the teacher can speak with the student in the process rather than having to scan and emailing. For my business, I would adopt Idroo, which works perfectly with Skype platform. Skype Since the introduction of mobile phones communication has since been improving, with the emergence of Skype communication is better. The business online tutoring website will not stream efficiently without the use of the application (Mathis & Jackson, 2003). The application is so useful that it has options where a tutor and student can schedule their tutoring sessions.

The student and the teacher can share screen and files without giving control to the other person. The tool raises the classroom simulation together with the web whiteboard. Cloud Storage services The business cannot be a success without incorporation of storage spaces, Dropbox among other software gives one an opportunity to share their training resources. If the tutor and the student have an account, the student can easily submit assignments and the instructor share files with a click of a button. Therefore, on my Dropbox business application will highly be recommended for the teacher and the student to have before or after registering to use my service. Business management software Every business requires partners who will help one in realizing their dream, in this lucrative online tutoring business. Teaching experience is enhanced using applications that help manage the business and administrative part (Mathis & Jackson, 2003). A Software such as Tutor panel will assist the success of my business by, scheduling tutoring sessions, automating session’s reminders, automation of the billing and payment receipts. The application makes your website much better, where you can receive regular reports on expenses and revenue.

Human Resources Recruitment Function

People are the most important part of an organisation, and one needs to make every effort to get the right people in the right jobs at the right time. For a company to stay competitive, it must recruit and retain employees who can provide quality, productivity, and innovation. Thus, recruitment and selection are essential to the organisation -just think about the implications of getting it wrong. The primary process of recruitment has changed due to the dynamism of the businesses; the process remains vital to the success of the business. The Proper hiring process will enable the company to have a competitive edge over other similar business in the same industry (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2000).

The business has to get it right in recruiting the right personnel who will drive the agenda of the online tutoring business. Since the recruitment for the tutor is conducted online, the process needs to be in line with the company plan of delivering satisfactory services and improving the academic level of the student. The recruitment complexity of employment status, where some of the tutors prefer full-time, temporary part-time, and subcontracts status, the business has to cater for every aspect. Recruitment needs to ensure that the process is undertaken fairly, to get the most appropriate candidate, to keep on the right side of the law and to behave ethically towards potential candidates.

The business requires qualified tutors who will help the management in achieving its goal. The instructor will need to possess the necessary teaching skills that are; familiarity with the course structure, ability to deploy various resources effectively, have good communication skills and have a patient, supportive approachability to listen and encourage students and lastly the candidate must provide constructive feedback. When the tutor has the confidence of possessing the mention skills, he or she can apply to join the online instructor platform and offer services. It is important for the selection planning to ensure that the individuals applying for an instructor position have the academic qualification and evident papers.


The interview of a teacher is taken online involving sequential questions that anyone wishing to join the platform has to fill and be correct. The online application form will need to have an option where the candidate fills their location; location is important since many of online tutoring companies prefer native English speakers (McDonald, 2008). The interview questions will also include an assessment test like a proficiency and grammar tests that will help in assessing the ability of the individual to do the tasks involved in the job. The degree or diploma has to be scanned and send to the management for verification. Once the candidate has a complete application, he or she submits to the website where the human resource team carries a deep analysis and evaluation of the appropriateness of the individual. Selection criteria process.

The selection process will begin when the applications have been received. The human resources management will have to check if the candidate passed the online test administered to them. If it is below the pass mark, the candidate will not be hired (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2000). The test is the best criteria for awarding opportunities since the tutoring process will be taking process online; the tutor failing the online test displays the level of incompetence and the services he or she might offer to the students.

Successful applicants will be approved and be part of the business in providing the essential teaching services. Conclusion In summary, for the success of the online business, the human resource management plays a vital role. Having the best tutor on board guarantees success since when one student is satisfied with the services he will tell another one. The online interview has to keep on changing since the candidates might adapt and the system might allow candidates who did not have the qualifications. Despite online business being competitive, the management that correctly carries their recruitment and selection process will always succeed. It is also important to start small and grow the business.

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