A Detailed Character Description of Satoru Gojo From the Anime Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojo is one of the protagonists in an anime called “Jujutsu Kaisen’. He is a hero. Satoru is a special grade jujutsu sorcerer and also the strongest. He is also a teacher at the Tokyo Jujutsu High. He is 28 and was born on December 7, 1989. Satoru has a well-built physique and quite a pale complexion. His whitish hair is usually spiked up but he lets it down in casual events. Satoru Gojo has sky-crystal eyes, which now and then he covers with his signature black blindfold.

His teeth are pearly white. Satoru is a complex individual. He is also playful and helpful with his students, close colleagues and friends. On the other hand, he can be unsympathetic and cruel towards his enemies.

Satoru is confident in his skills and abilities, a determined person who believes that he is unstoppable. His opinions of others are generally limited to his perception of their strength. Besides being very strong, Satoru has many supernatural powers which include Gravity Manipulation, Super human Reflexes and speed.

He uses these powers when helping vulnerable persons and whenever he is fighting curses which are made up of a race of spiritual beings developed from the negative emotions that flow out of humans. In a particular occasion he used his powers when fighting a special grade cursed spirit called Jogo. The fight started off when Satoru is confronted by Jogo on an undisclosed road in an assassination attempt. The fight ended up with Hanami, a friend of the cursed spirit rescuing Jogo.

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I like Satoru Gojo because he has a great personality especially when it comes to his determination and the will to help others.

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