A Description of the Dubai Mall, a Popular Shopping Attraction

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Dubai mall is one of the most immense malls around the world. Inside it, everything and anything anyone needs or wants is available. Since Dubai mall is known for the wealthy customers and the expensive and chic boutiques, the anchor shops of the mall are the luxurious shops such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Fendi, Hermes, etc. Th, ey are the ones that cover one of the biggest parts of the mall and even their design and style are different. The mall is divided into many other parts, every part is dedicated to a specific kind of shop. For example, kids’ shops are lined up together on the 7th floor. Teenagers’ clothes shops can be found together as well on the 5th floor next to the aquarium. Brands of the sport like Nike, Lacoste, Ad, ideas, etc., are together on the third floor in front of the ice rink. There are also other kinds of shops all over the mall such as home furniture shops, Eyewear shops, shoe stores, accessories and Leather stores, and candies and chocolate stores.

In the first flour, there are other kinds of stores. Most of them are Banks and Financial seServicesMobile phones/ accessories services, Travel, and Luggage stores, and Watches and Jewelry stores. These huge numbers of categories make the mall a place where everything can be found. They make the mall the first destination that comes to anyone’s mind when they want or need something.

Dubai mall is opening its doors to everyone, any gender; male or female, any age; child, teenager or a grown-up, any social category; poor or rich, and any nationality; locals or nonlocals.

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During the weekdays, only a few categories go to the mallEmirateses women who don’t work so they waste their time gathering with friends. For example, eating in restaurants, drinking something and having conversations in tea rooms or they go shopping. NNonworkingmothers who seize the opportunity of their children being in school and go grocery shopping in the market located in the basement, go for home furniture and decor shopping since their need to change their home’s decoration never stops or go for quick clothing shopping. Tourists who don’t work and don’t want to waste any day of the week without shopping, hanging out, and discovering the wonders of the mall such as the huge aquarium and the outstanding dancing fountain. And teenagers or workers who come after school, university, or work to eat something quickly, to buy something they need urgently and leave,e or to watch an alate-night movie. However, during the weekend, all the categories of people can be found in the mall. But, the reasons why they go there change. Some come for a quick shopping those come to have fun such as having lunch or dinner, watching a movie, or going to the ice rink, and those rinks come to do both; shopping and having fun. That’s why not only shops are fulfilled with people, restaurants and tea rooms are fulfilled as well. To have lunch or dinner, especially in Dfriendubai mall’s best food places, such as Cheesecake Factory, P.F Changs and Paul, etc., the customer should wait in lines for a long time.

The biggest percentage of Dubai mall visitors during weekends go to the families. Since during weekdays, the parents work and the children study, the weekend is the only occasion where the family can gather and enjoy some time. The second big percentage goes to the teenagers. Since the functions of the mall are numerous, teenagers go in friend groups or go for a date to either watch a new movie, play games in the Sega Republic, skate on the ice, rin,g or have dinner in either the food court or one of the restaurants. Most of the time, customers who want to do quick shopping come to the mall in the morning because it is more empty and the movement is less compared to the rest of the day. In contrast, the customers, who consider the mall a place to have fun visit the mall from the afternoon to the evening.

Dubai mall’s shops, thawhiche mostly frequented, are luxury shops. Because, a big percentage of the mall’s customers and visitors are either locals or wealthy people, their favorite destination is “the fashion avenue” where all chic shops are lined up together and famous tea rooms such as Fauchon, Armani cafe, and chocolate Bar are located in the middle of the avenue as well. Because of the high frequency of these shops, the mall is now characterized by its expensiveness, modernity, and rich visitors. The dancing fountain is one of the most frequented locations as well. Since it is new, creative, and unique, the percentage of its visitors keep increasing day after instead of decreasing. To avoid the monotony and the possibility of the reduction of its viewers, the dancing fountain is being enhanced every once in a while.

The malls have differences as well as similarities. On one hand, malls differ in many factors. First, every mall is indeed open to anyone anytime, but, every mall is categorized by a specific category of people. For example, as I said before, Dubai Mallis a Mallperfect destination for high-class people as well as tourists. Since it is located in Dubai, Downtown, there is more freedom concerning clothes policy and behavior and the way of thinking is more developed. However, Mirdif City Center is the mall of families. For conservative people, such as parents and some locals, Mirdif mall is the perfect destination. Since it is located in Mirdif; between Dubai and Sharjah, the mall isn’t always full of people. It is always calm and quiet and even the design is more traditional than modern and stylish. In addition, Dragon mall and Outlet mall are the destinations of moneyless people. Since the malls don’t contain famous brands and expensive products or services, the prices are very low. That’s why for someone who wants to buy cheap products or for merchants and dealers, these malls are a good place to go. Second, there are some differences in shops. In some malls, some shops are immense due to the availability of places. However, in other malls, the shops are small or smaller compared to other malls. In addition, even the products

of the same shop differ from one mall to another. What a customer can find in Dubai mall isn’t essentially what he/she can find in Mirdif mall. For example, Bershka in Dubai mall sells women’s and man clothes. However, in Mirdif mall, only woman clothes are available. Moreover, when you check for an item online it shows you that it is available in two malls only for example.

On the other hand, there are similarities in every mall a customer visits. First, all the malls are places where someone can have fun. Since the number of malls in UAE is huge and malls’ activities are numerous, they are the first source of entertainment. Second, although some shops, locations, or products differ from one mall to another, their availability is everywhere. For example, if a customer doesn’t find his/her size in Dubai mall’s Pull and bear boutique, he/she can find it in Emirates mall. In addition, although the mall isn’t the same when a customer enters a restaurant, a cafe or a shop, he/she will find the same decoration, the same colors and the same waiters’ clothes et.. Finally, the safety of the malls is one of their most important similarities. The category of the mall’s customers, the availability of the guards everywhere, and the general safety of the country itself make the customer feel secure inside and outside the mall. For example, teenagers can hang out alone without having their parents worried. Girls can gather alone as well without being worried about harassment or being abused.

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