A Debate on the Benefits and Problems That Genetically Modified Foods Bring to the World

Problems and Solutions Genetically Modified Foods Bring to the World

Is the orange juice people find in the supermarkets truly natural? GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are a subiect environmentalists and politicians, as well as other independent individuals around the world. Millions of people around the world consider that this food has amazing benefits that everyone should take advantage of, while others think eating these foods is a risk that is not worth the danger; but why is there so much controversy about this topic? GM foods affect the eating habits and environment people have been living in for a long time, and investigations are still on process about the secondary effects these foods could have on people.

In the other hand, one important advantage that these foods have presented to the world is that they promise to nourish the world population, helping millions of people to get the food they need everyday. Different points of view about this topic have divided people in opposite fronts, and every individual is decided to stand on what they believe is right.

The food we eat is correlated with the changes the environment shows everyday. Availability of products depend of the season of the year as well as if the crops had enough light, water, and other external factors to grow healthy. Herbicides have the mission to protect the plants from depredators and weather that may ruin the harvesting, but the components it contains represent a risk to the people who eat these foods everyday.

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When industries experiment with crops, the chemicals added to keep the seeds alive stay on the plant and finally end up in people’s mouths. Some of the products added are aggressively dangerous to the human body, causing diseases and even death to hundreds of people around the world.

Tests about GM foods have lasted multiple years; however, investigators have not found all the risks that these foods people around the world. Since the collateral effects of these foods are not fully understood, people is asking food companies to stop their productions until testing is done. The repercussions of selling these products before the final results are comprehended is a risk that people is being forced to take because most of the GMO found on the markets are not labeled, so people do not really know what they are p bodies. There is a lot of questions about the safety of these foods and the costumers want more tests to prove all the risks that the allergens may cause to their bodies.

Even though there are multiple risks about Genetically Modified Foods, a big group of people ensure eating these products is safe and has multiple benefits to the society. Engineered food has been recognized mostly because it has been reducing the hunger around the world. The foods promise to survive extreme conditions that would usually ruin the harvesting farmers tried so hard to maintain and rise. Dangerous animals and weather damage the crops constantly, but with the use of some chemicals the food is able to survive almost any issue. Some of the chemicals added to the foods contain nutrients and vitamins that enhance the immune system of people and help their kids grow healthy. Foods that cure cancer, nourish the poor and help heart disease patients are some of the results scientists are trying to find on the foods, and with a little more progress they will find a cure for situations the society has to confront everyday.

Great controversy about GM food has lived in the world for multiple years, along with these new products there is new questions and answers scientists have showed to the world that help people decide whether they agree or disagree with these engineered foods. Debates will continue until all the results are published and people understand what they are eating and what benefits and risks they are facing when eating those products. In the meantime, the best thing people who disagree could do, is eating what they know is safe for them until there is news about the topic. Some countries are taking measurements about how to put these products in the market and what requisites they should have in order to be sold to the public. Genetically Modified Foods will represent a subject of debate until people find enough proof to say if they are beneficial or dangerous to the human race.

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