A Critique of Different Cars in an Auto Show

Honda Step Bus is one of Honda’s vehicles that adopted Hybrid system. It was designed in Japan; therefore, its steering wheel is on the right side. This car concentrates on flexibility. According to assistant in Honda booth, the car can be best described as “Man maximum, machine minimum.” Its marketing target is young people, mainly colleagues. The bad news for the car is that it is not planned to coming out on public.

Lamborghini LP640’s interior was designed by Gianni Versace.

Its marketing target is people, age 40-50, who make a lot of money. The reason they pick the target is that Lamborghini usually have expensive car and since LP640 is designed by Gianni Versace, it is hard to obtain by normal people. Ferrari, Forsche, and Bugatti are main competitors of Lamborghini.

Aston Martin is one of the most famous car brands in the market. The reason that they famous are James Bond from movie series “007” used it frequently.

And according to assistant, its hometown ties to former the United States president Bill Clinton’s ancestors’ hometown. Aston Martin V8 Vantage has maximum RPM of 7300, but the assistant says that it virtually can go to 8000. Fortunately, V8 Vantage provides convertible version.

New trucks at General Motors and Ford are “Sierra 1500” and “F-150”. Generally, Sierra series has better performance than F-150. The reason is that Ford is planning to have new series. Assistants from both General Motors and Ford told me exactly same thing for reason they are pushing their truck divisions.

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They said that they are pushing the division because that is their main source of getting money, and also the United States heavily depend upon trucks in transportation industry. Their marketing targets are mainly business men and truck fan.

Environmentology suggested by Honda is that their trying to have environmental technology. Advanced in fuel technology and alternative energy is what Honda suppose Environmentology. Honda is interested in pollution free energy. I would pick MDX by Nissan as a family car. I love its design and it provides partial individual setting adjustment for steering wheel. It provides navigator. I will pick BMW X5 3.0 si for same reason as MDX. In addition, it is comfortable to seat and easy to change gear, besides that TV screen is provided in rear seats.

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