A Continuation of Sally’s Life Called “Free From ‘Freedom’”

Sally has been free. She says she’ll miss her husband. She said that she’s fine. She said, I don’t want to be near a man ever in my life. Sally lost her husband when her neighbor called the police because they heard her yell and moan in pain. When the police arrived, her father was holding her and she was crying and her body was painted with purple, blue, and black on her body like Minerva did. My mom told me that Sally will be free now.

Mom said, Esperanza, Sally is a free bird now. She’s not a caged bird anymore. I don’t know what my mom meant but do know that Sally was never happy like she thought she was. Sally went to see her husband. She said he was begging. I know that Sally is lying when she said that she was happy with her husband. Sally is a woman who is smart and nice and sweet, she shouldn’t be treated like this.

Minerva isn’t like Sally. Minerva made sure her kids were safe. Sally lost her child. That’s why her husband was mad. When Sally went to her house to move her stuff out, she didn’t see a smooth ceiling like a wedding cake. She doesn’t see a clean corner where the walls met, the linoleum roses on the floor but faded roses, the alarm clock is useless, the drapes has fallen, the towels aren’t white anymore, and the toaster in broken on the floor.

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Is Sally okay?, asked Kiki. Yes, she is fine, my mother replied. But her eyes aren’t beautiful anymore, they’re dull and empty, Kiki looked at me, Is she okay? I don’t know Kiki, I turned around and walked to school

Sally was there. She wasn’t wearing colours but she was wearing shades like black and white. She walked slowly, wondering about her husband. Sally said she had freedom, but now she is free from the freedom she had. The nuns know. They know that Sally has been hurt everywhere. They know about her child who was never alive in the world. They know everything. Sally’s father has been through rehab after she left. He thought that Sally left because he was too rough and hard on her. The truth that Sally, her husband, and her father didn’t know was that, they need to understand each other and need trust. When school was done, Sally was waiting at the gate. She was waiting for her freedom of living to come and help her out. She wants help to find her true love and home.

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