"A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole. Review

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The following sample essay on: ” “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole. Review”. So a scene leads to another; from misunderstandings arise grotesque comedies; the numerous figures add up to a motley panopticon anything abnormal.

John Kennedy Toole, who was born in New Orleans in 1937, is drawn after studying in New York for military service. During this time he is working on a Southern novel “A Confederacy of Dunces”. In Simon & amp; Schuster is in principle on this subject interested but wants repeated revisions of the manuscript.

There is no conclusion; Toole retires frustrated. Depressed and addicted to alcohol, he suffers from the political situation of the sixties, in the assassination of John F. Kennedy (1963) and Martin Luther King find their low points (1968). 1969 commits Toole, 31 years old, suicide.

His mother does everything possible to let the legacy of her son still publish. Finally, there is a small university press, which published the novel in 1980, and a year later, Toole – posthumously -.

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize

After the cult book was long out of print, it is now re-appeared at Klett-Cotta, revised by Alex Capus, recompiled and provided with an afterword. As we learn that Toole is reflected in many features in his protagonist Ignatius J. Reilly. Both have a disturbed narcissistic “Anaconda” as a mother; both are gay, are overweight, driving in the French Quarter, the cesspool of New Orleans, around, be dragged out by their mothers from the bars and get them homilies whether the bad company, run in them.

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Few of the acting figures are fictitious. In fact, Toole had a job in a pants factory and in a hot-dog stand, where he gathered all the observations, experiences and role models that he then uniquely quirky in his, can indeed be resurrected to distorted mad Roman world.

edgewise throw out would to the 30-year-old Ignatius J. Reilly, who was still at the hotel Mama from beginning to end use can be, it insulted his mother ungrateful and terrorized. Self-centered, he goes alone to his interests. In his room, he lets his hole flatulence run wild, it stinks of old tea bags, all flying around notebooks, in which he writes down his vision of human history. Cookie munching he is fat, lazy and complacent on his bed and looks always the same TV shows to thereby loudly and terribly upset about the decline of morals and dubious characters. So the neighborhood

Depends continuously on the window to witness first hand how going on the post at Reilly. Mother Irene Reilly is really not to be envied, because no matter where it shows up with Ignatius, he not only falls by its impudent , obscene, cheeky brazen behavior on; even his appearance attracted all the attention: thick bulbous nose, black mustache, full lips, potato chips residues in the mouth. Two different colored eyes – one blue, the other yellow – of your surroundings exactly true. a lot of sitting on the ball-like head to little green hunting cap with earflaps, plaid flannel shirt and wool scarf indicate a rich inner life, the tweed trousers leaves enough legroom.

Because of a stupid driving error with the 46er Plymouth Irene debt on the cheek that can not possibly repay alone. Therefore, the no-good Ignatius is supposed to work at last. But such a thing is now not really the sense of life of a bankrupt intellectuals who lives in higher spheres. He is attracted by not only the history of mankind as such, he likes to immerse themselves in the philosophy of Boethius’, and he is in constant correspondence with Myrna Minkoff, announced a Exkommilitonin and activist who save the world “free sex”.

Ignatius find a first job in the derelict factory pants Levy. Here he creates in his own way quickly organize an office, working for the other apparently very innovative, without actually doing anything, writes an angry, insulting letter to a customer of the house, you wage a revolution of the colored workers who slave labor to do he is fast and the job go again -. Its key findings from the world of work he documents in his “Diary of a young proletarian or: My fight against laziness”

Immediately pushes Ignatius a hot dog carts through the French Quarter.. No, how ashamed Irene – which like the neighbors say? His employer is constantly dissatisfied, because a lot of money to bring him the new one does not; he eats the sausages rather own than to sell them …

So a scene leads to another; from misunderstandings arise grotesque comedies; the numerous figures add up to a motley panopticon anything abnormal. Everyone is somewhere each met once, and everywhere the policeman Mancuso appears that his supervisor finally deliver a criminal has to, or he may soon sweep the street. So he hangs as an undercover agent in a day of new costumes at all heel …

“A Confederacy of Dunces” – a single slapstick? No: This novel is more than a farce. His protagonist, the loser par excellence, is hyped up for intellectuals, for philosophical anti-hero, a political opponent of capitalism, including its exploiters.

Here, each figure, each milieu described, each topic the subject of Toole pointed cartoon pen – the superficial marriage of the pants factory owner as well as the greed of the bar owner, the purpose of sales boost raises a new point: In the “Night of Joy” is a stripper with Kakadu occur – but as expected, Ignatius comes into play, and everything goes differently rehearsed.

As the chaos at the end of the novel is perfect, decides mother Irene to get her admitted her son to a mental hospital. But salvation is coming at the last minute …

This “Southern novel” full of absurdities, with its paranoid, downright disgusting hero and his mistaken worldview, Toole’s sarcastic image of the US is that time.

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"A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole. Review
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