A brief history of the Czech aerospace Jaroslav Kalfar Review

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The Czech Republic is a space nation like the US, Russia and China? Jaroslav Kalfar, born in Prague and emigrated with fifteen years in the USA, plays the contrast between this high-altitude flight and the common prejudices against his country of relish. In Bohemia, as many live hillbilly with “a pronounced taste for beer and pornography” think. Your country is not blessed with natural resources, can anyone intimidated by a “mega-military” and no “fish monopoly” entertain as the Scandinavians. But during their communist past, the Czechs were rebellious against Soviet hegemony.

Now they will prove once again that they have “guts” and a “nation of kings and explorers” are. The world is impressed hold your breath when the Czech Republic sees an astronaut into space.

The effort can succeed because you can take over an unfinished, no longer needed part from Switzerland, a long list of patriotic sponsors standing (including such major companies such as Dental Supplies provider “SuperZub” and the leading electronics manufacturers “Cotol”) and because you can entrust Jakub Procházka, an astrophysicist at the Charles University, an expert with the prestigious mission.

he will have time to explore the mysterious purple cloud of dust just who checked between Earth and Venus a year, eight months.

In April 2018, the “JanHus1” raises under enthusiastic participation of all Bohemia of a potato field in Prague from to write history. For the proud pioneer aboard a miserable long, lonely stay follows in the aircraft cabin. He will use the quiet hours to the speech that he would keep after, as expected him the Nobel Prize would be awarded to whisper in a vacuum.

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Unfortunately oppress Jakub who offers us his history itself tells, even in zero gravity leaden thoughts. They revolve around Lenka, his beloved wife, whom he had willy-nilly to leave. Unfortunately, ran the last common breakfast ceremony not as hearty as it Lenka preferred. Jakub refused finally a ritual that had never met him well, or he was sick to the stomach – or even “sky angst”

Ironically, now that Jakub trapped in his cabin and entirely dependent on his fellow man on earth? is located Lenka denied. They simply no longer appears to the weekly video chat. not to let tailspin to Jakub’s psyche professionals take over the search for the submerged and hold the star travelers constantly up to date on the new lifestyle of the target person. can calm him the messages, of course not.

After thirteen weeks, all of the fascination is bold spectacle there. Jakub graduated developed by the aerospace team daily schedule, then take over boredom and emptiness. When the surveillance cameras a turn after another and it starts to creak here and there in his case, handed down Jakub first doubts about the success of the mission. Will he ever return safely or rather hit rock bottom as the shares of the camera donor “Cotol”? After all, he can shake off all restraints unobserved now, workouts weglassenund his desires for sweets and alcohol indulge.

The Geknarze caused a road ascended delivered (do not ask how) stowaway. His description defies description, because it combines all the clichés of aliens from the Hollywood studios over the last fifty years. But he can ausschauen much more than horrible. He has pleasant manners, is extremely formed and thus enrich each interstellar flying isolation cell. Its ability to penetrate deeply into the nature of his opponent, Jakub leaves beginning to doubt his sanity. “It studied me deep into my genetic code. The tips of his legs strum on memory threads.”

By decimate Jakub Nutella inventories, the two philosophize about God and the world, life and death, love and reproduction, as well as the decline of the city of Prague to a temple of consumption. While the essence has traveled from another universe to humans, especially to explore its unique brain on site (and this is to be taken literally), Jakub intensified insights about maladministration wins in his own life and even the turbulent history of his country. Thus patron Jan Hus

Imaginative Oddities like these and wonderfully grotesque details amused on 6 July 1415 a funny Constance widow while burning on the heretic stake in its place a consumptive, fey substitute. Care in this science-fiction novel sui generis for entertainment. Just as important as the amusing imputed megalomania of the small Republic of the author are his serious themes, however, as the gloomy, laden with all kinds of debt past that has not been fully worked up until now. This is what Jakub’s ambiguous attitude to his father. He was on one hand a lovable, caring family man, the other collaborator of the Soviets and a member of the secret police who tortured their fellow countrymen cruel in the service of the dictatorial regime. After the mysterious accidental death of their parents Jakub misses her warmth and protection; at the same time he is ashamed of his father’s actions, whose large debt as a stain sticks to it. His risky mission into space considered Jakub as part of restitution.

Overall, the Menschlichkeits- and debt problems takes up more space than the title-giving story about the Bohemian space. The latter is a type A Space Odyssey, the former is very close to the earth locates in Bohemia and ascension requires at most as an initial point of inspiration and catalyst. Insofar Jaroslav Kalfars debut novel ” The Spaceman of Bohemia < " Jaroslav Kalfar: "The Spaceman of Bohemia" affects

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