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Considering video games a sport how mainstream is video games reisinger stated popular media outlets reported that over 90 percent of children are actively playing video games.  In bowman 1 video games first started in the 20th century by a invention of a television set. They were first used to watch entertainments at home. Ralph baer an engineer was the first to discover the possibility to interact with a television set and with the help of his group they were able to make a multiprogram video game system that was called the brown box.

It was released as magnavox odyssey but sadly it was not a commercial success. In 1940s and 1950s universities and large companies were the ones that are able to have computers because of its surprising price. The games that made the public attracted to use computers was tic-tac-toe and william higinbothams 1958 tennis for two which also helped computer programmers to be able to explore more about their computer abilities.

1960 A group of mit students were able to create a innovational computer game between two spaceships which lead the game to be called spacewar. Nolan bushnell thought about the idea that spacewar should be played in a machine that is coin-operated.

A coin-op device manufacturer thought that it is a brilliant idea and they made it possible which they called it the computer space. It was too complicated for players to get used to it right away. Bushnell decided to create a new arcade game that is similar to table tennis from magnavox odyssey.

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In june 1972 bushnell and ted dabney his business partner formed atari inc.. They created ping pong as a arcade game and called it pong. A new version was created to play pong at home with the help of their partnership with sears roebuck company. Starting that different kind of games were made and a new feature was created which is a game cartridge that is interchangeable not like the first creations that were build into a device. In 1983 and 1984 video game console and cartridges sales dive quickly. The sales of video game console and computers competed drastically. Video because of the growing population of video games more people gets engage in playing. People who watches other people play video games is a new entertainment. Does that mean that video games should be considered a sport now.

Video games help a persons mental behavior and challenges their skills and abilities that should be considered a sport. Playing video games has good benefits that they can be successful in the future. Considering video games a sports has positive effects to players that could help in real life situations. According to dr. Jonathen bartholomew video games has positive effects on education life skills brain function exercise and job skills. The reasons he stated is it improves a persons learning that could help them to strategize and get higher test scores in class help a person work as a team in certain tasks and be competitive to the opposing team that could be applied in real life situations help process informations faster multitask improve coordination of the hand and eye and even test ones auditory hearing. Believe that playing video games helps in our personal behavior is true. Their could be parents that are concerned about the negative effects of playing video game to their kids health and behavior. Nintendo wii and the game pokemon go were games stated by dr. Bartholomew that could help a person moving while playing video games and suggested that parents needs to watch out of their kids by not being judgmental and being sensitive in their passion. Balancing the health and behavior while playing video games is a challenge that they should take extra care of.

Remember to shift attention on playing studying socializing and own health like eating exercising and sleeping because playing could affect a person by being violent abusive and instances to forget socializing. Bartholomew playing video games is a test to ones personality because of its negative effects at the same time this could make them learn how to manage their time in playing education and their health. According to piaget kids playing has the chance to experience real-life conflicts think about their own way to use their spare time that will make them happy about and will make them feel relieved or accomplish. Qtd. In granic et. Al their are different reasons behind in playing video games. Some people play video games because they have extra time and makes them feel relaxed. Other people choose to pursue playing as their long term career in life because that is where they feel passionate about. In playing there is different levels according to your mood. A study showed the levels of difficulty in playing video games and its effects in relation to their mood.

Based on the study those who choose the easiest level are stressed and those who choose the difficult level are bored and the reason is to lessen unhappy mood. Bowman 64 playing video games also help a person be responsible enough to take care of their selves by getting enough of rest controlling emotions when they lose a game or when they feel challenged and getting along other people in the game when playing a multiplayer game. If playing traditional sports is considered healthy and fun playing video games does the same that is why it is consider a sport. Playing games simply makes people happier this seems to be a fundamental emotional benefit to consider. Granic et. Al doing what makes us happy is healthy proves the positive effects of video games to ones mind and body. Playing video games has benefits to those who decides to pick this as their career in the future. Twitch is a video-streaming software where they can watch their favorite professional player online that attracts 10 000 viewers. Players can compete other players around the world through online. Youtube is another place to watch online streaming. Heaven benjamin lupo who is a professional player and streamer in twitch who is known as dr. Lupo in the gaming community has more than seven million followers. Lupo is one the first esport athlete that endorses state farm as other player of traditional sports like lebron james and tom brady endorse. Jimenez in a tournament held in los angeles the second world championship in the game league of legends breaks the record of the largest cash prize in e-sports history that is $5 million prize pool for a season and $1 million to the winning team taipei assassins.

Heaven these studies are good examples that shows playing video games is a real career that one is good about and can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to support their needs and even their entire family to live. Like players of traditional sports players of video games also earn their own money in playing and even have the same endorsements because it is now considered a sports that is now called esport. Their will be parents and other people who will not believe that playing video games is not going to be a good future and will not support video games as a sport because they didnt had the chance to play it back in their childhood days. Parents and other people who dont agree should accept that everything is shifting and be open to what is happening in our generation today. Robert morris university in pittsburgh is the first university who started playing video games as a varsity sport and offered scholarships in the year of 2014. Jenny et. Al in fall 2018 connecticut georgia kentucky massachusetts and rhode island started to accept varsity players in video games and according to the national federation of state high school association the following months after in other states applied the same in alabama mississippi and texas charter schools.

In jiminez we could now see that esports is being supported by universities and high schools for those who want to be professional players and even offered scholarships to those who are passionate about playing video games while continuing education. Lim yo-hwan a top player from south korea who has hundreds of thousand of people who watches him play in tournaments and also online that makes him six-figure salaries. Heaven players come around the world and those who are interested in watching could watch no matter how far they are to support their player and because of that professional players earn from where they are passionate about. A top rated game that reached more than eight million spectators who watched during the finals on tv and online is the league of legends. This number showed how it outraged the number of spectators in traditional sports. Heaven according to research firm newzoo global esports market is expected to generate more than $1 billion in 2019. And 454 million estimated people who watch esport. Qtd. In jimenez studies show that playing video is a new sport and is a new entertainment that people are going crazy about. Being a athletic player online and on a field has no difference. Not because traditional sports is played on field doesnt mean that playing video games is not a sport. Video games like basketball volleyball tennis or swimming is a competition of a team or a solo player towards another player.

Play organize competition compromised skills physical skills broad following and achieved institutional stability where social institutions have rules which regulate it stabilizing it as an important social practice are seven characteristic that playing video games is a sport that is showed in table. 1. Jenny et. Al play because it is a enjoyment of one self. In order to play a game their should be rules and regulations competed by a team or individually. Applied by skills in order to win a game and challenge more skills. Managed by teams sponsors prize and league. Coaches trainers official and anyone body composing the game to make it successful. Most people will say that playing video games does not apply physical skills. For a game to be considered a sport physical skill s must be present and the successful execution of those physical skills must have a direct impact on the successful completion of the task. Jenny et. Al a player moving a controller or a mouse is a physical exertion and even pressing a button but it is not as physical as playing traditional sports. We still see physical skills applied in order to play video games which is important to win a game. Speed coordination agility and accuracy are physical skills that applies. Speed is applied when playing action games both in terms of the velocity of the moving items and the brevity of transient events. Call of duty battlefield and medal of honor series are first-person shooter games and gear of war and grand theft auto series are third-person shooter games that are great examples. Bowman 29 skills in which one manipulates an object e.g.

Video game controller involves fine motor skills. Jenny et. Al like other traditional sports the wrist is involved in order to apply force. A simple movement of the wrist with coordination of the eye very important in sports no matter how big the movement it. Even though playing video games doesnt show much physical skills means it is not able to be a sport because other characteristic still applies. E-sports applies mental and physical abilities to win in a competition against a team or individual player. Playing video games like league of legends pokemon go and call of duty are sports that are safe. It could be at home or at arenas where tournaments are held. Nintendo wii and pokemon go are games that can keep you active like traditional sports does. Video games is very popular in our generation today that started in the invention of a television set that made new inventions of different kinds of console and the computers or laptops that are all high technology. Because of the creation of these high technologies and benefits in playing video games it is now considered a sport which is also called e-sports meaning electronic sports. Proving that playing video games could help ones personal behavior and emotion in playing different type of games and level of difficulty. Those who are stress play easy stages in video games to feel better like what spectator does when they feel stressed they try to find something that entertain their selves in order to cope back in their mood.

Professional players who play video games are called athletic players because of their skills and abilities showed during training and tournaments. Those who want to pursue playing video games professional are welcome to be supported by high schools and universities. Parents who are worried about their childrens future is now not a problem because professional players have their own income by competing endorsements and viewers. Viewers and athletic players from different countries are being connected online. Comparing e-sports to traditional sports physical abilities applies teamwork is improved not just by the players but also from the people who made e-sports included in the history. Playing action games is a good test for speed. Despite of the negative effects of playing video games it is important that playing video games qualifies the characteristic of sports and is officially considered a sport which is gladly supported around the world.

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