99 coffins of Qiu Xialong Review

Corruption is a crime against the people. Your fight is a top priority! This was stated by none other than China’s President Xi Jinping at his inauguration in March 2013. Share

Many Chinese view his full and would even like to help in its work him. One of them is Yang Maodong, 47. Like other members of the “movement of new citizens”, he denounced corruption and abuse of power in public. But that displeased the governance; the demonstration of maladministration maybe should only a top priority? In August 2013 Maodong was arrested, which attracted international attention.

Another who knows the Chinese context and describes the writer Qiu Xialong. Born in 1953 in Shanghai, he has lived in the US since the 1988th He had learned early English and translated among others American detective novels; Since 2000, he published his own series. Focusing Chief Inspector Chen Cao operates from Police Headquarters Shanghai. ” Enigma of China < " Qiu Xialong: "Enigma of China" is at

Zhou Keng a deserved party member.

As director of the Shanghai Housing Authority development it deserves also good. Activists, so-called “netizens” have posted photos of him on the Internet, where one can see the: He wears an expensive luxury watch on your wrist, and on the table exclusively accessible to the squad brand cigarettes are “95 Supreme Majesty”. This kind of denunciation in the network ( “human flesh search”) has developed in recent years a popular sport, but comes in Zhou Kengs case too late; you have already pulled the man from the traffic and set for interrogation on the top floor of a luxury hotel.

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The next morning they found hanged him. Suicide!

party secretary Li, Chief Inspector Chen Cao’s boss, turns on the police department and appointed sergeant major Wei with the investigation. The involvement Chen, “as erfahrenster official of the Bureau” should remain “the seriousness of our investigation in this corruption case underline” but he is in the background. Why? This is one of the “mystery”, like so much “Chinese socialism characteristics”, but a slightly transparent system: A serious truth is not desired from the outset. The officials want to put the case Zhou Keng quickly as suicide shelved, approved by Chen, who is also deputy party secretary and is traded as Li’s successor.

The reader guessed it, Chen suspected it, and Wei must circumstantial evidence found: The alleged suicide turns out to be sneaky murder case. But why did Zhou Keng die? By bribery in a big way he had come to wealth and had dominant influence in residential construction. Is there backers feared the discovery? Perhaps leading political cadres who were extremely involved in corruption swamp?

After Wei died in an accident on one of the multi-lane freeways Shanghai, says Chen, whose bells have rung, and brings cautiously as “the blind man in the dark night against riding on a blind horse a fathomless sea. ” He questioned staff of the hotel was set in the Zhou Keng, talking with relatives, found in a roundabout way that for days missed “little secretary” Zhou Kengs. he finds the most intensive support in Lianping journalist who also manages the literary page of a newspaper. On the common love of poetry soon

While Chen digital world was previously closed to them establish a tender bond of affection., Leads Lianping, a true expert, he now entering the basics of Internet, networks and blogs .

The plot runs entirely unexcited – for fans of hard action may be too leisurely – but consistent and easily comprehensible to end in a kind of bow shock to the beginning. Chen is just one way of truth to help: The evidence he has found to be made public, and who could efficiently handle as the “netizens”

Qiu Xialong uses? the thriller genre to denounce to easily edible and harmless way abuses in “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, which we know many in the west to write about but which may not allow Chinese. . Qiu Xialongs criticism clearly but securely packaged

Even on the first page we read: China is a country of “capitalism, a primitive favoritism … by and influenced by materialistic.” Where “the children of privileged cadres – the princelings of our society – itself automatically to high cadres are,” could “just as well speak of feudalism”. but it may be known “that the Chinese society morally, ideologically and ethically in the end, but she drummed on as the bunny in the commercial.” Such strong Tobak still brings neither Chen the narrator on the carpet, but a speaker at one of the “barely tolerated” lectures in front of the Writers’ Union; Chen listening times nodding, sometimes frowning.

The executive suite procures advantages through favors that commit to counter presents. In over several years sensational booming Chinese economy, corruption and nepotism could very easily spread; the two evils dominate and paralyze them today. They contribute significantly to the fact that the population is divided into unspeakably poor and immensely rich layers, which makes for fermenting discontent. Especially the construction sector – forests of high-rise towers, multi-lane highways, huge airports and railway stations, bold bridges over peaceful valleys, gigantic dams – shows how determined and obvious lack of consideration for people and the environment, the country was driven into the “modern”

in addition to the political message Qiu Xialongs latest book of course also transports a lot of authentic flavor from the us foreign culture, to experience more and more tourists with their own senses

Conclusion:. Qiu Xialongs thriller “99 coffins” is a ’round’ and complex reading experience – not a thriller, but entertaining and full of exotic impressions of the highly contradictory China of today

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