Advocacy Letter

Dear President Donald J. Trump,

I am writing you on behalf of the transgender student population in America. I am currently a student studying Social Work at the Clarion University of Pennsylvania. As part of the constituency that Voted against you in the previous election, please understand that there are many issues that I disagree with you on. I believe that America’s young people deserve the same opportunities and human rights regardless of how they identify. As the Human Rights Campaign states, “According to a memo obtained by The New York Times, the Department of Health and Human Services is spearheading an effort to establish an anti-LGBTQ legal definition of sex under Title IX, the federal civil rights law that bans gender-based discrimination in education programs that receive government financial assistance.

This proposal targets transgender people and would be especially harmful to transgender and non-binary students if adopted by the Department of Education, and it would have implications for discrimination based on sexual orientation as well”.

This fully goes against supporting all of our nation’s young people. These are the same people who will become voters in just a few more years.

“Title IX guidelines governing equal access collide with state legislation around gender identity and multiple use bathrooms and changing facilities. This policy review of literature argues for a stronger voice from Washington, protecting the rights of all students to feel safe using private spaces at school. The many court rulings offer a fair perspective upon which to act.

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State laws are inconsistent and at times challenge the Constitutional limits on individual rights” (Watkins, P. & Moreno, E.). We must come to a place where one’s Constitutional Rights are not questioned based on gender identity. It is time for politicians at the State and Federal levels to set clear standards that do not diminish any individuals’ rights.

By denying our young people their basic rights as human beings, we are setting them up for a very dismal future. “According to a survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, transgender people are four times as likely to have a household income under $10,000 and are twice as likely as the average American to be unemployed. And nearly half of transgender individuals (47%) reported unfavorable employment outcomes, such as not being hired, being fired or being denied promotion” (Greenblat, p.1038). The American economy is in desperate need of improvement. We need to support our students to become successful, skilled adults. One’s gender identity should not dictate a poor future as all Americans should be given the rights and opportunities to become successful. Please consider these facts as you work on future legislation.

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