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An Indian social activist and retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, Kiran Bedi, was born on June 9, 1949, in Amritsar, India in a well-to-do Punjabi business family. She is the second child of Prem Lata and Prakash Lal. Her upbringing was not raised religiously; however, she was raised in Sikh and Hindu traditions. Her parents made many sacrifices so that their daughters can further on in their education, and also be successful in living in a male-dominated society. Bedi participated in playing sports at a young age, such as tennis, and won the Asian Women’s Lawn Tennis Championship.

Despite the fact, that the Indian culture was not in favor of women, Bedi did not lose trust and hope. She attempted to be keeping pace with men and on occasion, she even outperformed them in games and education. Kiran Bedi graduated in 1970 with a Master’s certificate in Political Science from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Influencer Focus and Making Change

On July 16, 1972, she began her police preparation in the national foundation of the organization in Missouri.

She was the first woman out of 80 men to wind up as the first IPS officer. She made many women in India feel pleased and turned into a motivation for the younger generation. She demonstrated inside and out that women can also improve society and remain in a high position field with men.

She was an incredible social analyst and a social trainer. In the past, she has been seen on TV. She was facilitating a court appearance from 2008-to 2011 named “Aap Ki Kachehri”.

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Even though this show she was helping victims to get their rights. Furthermore, this show got a decent positive reaction from all around India. Kiran Bedi has launched a site where individuals can document their conflicts if the nearby police are not prepared to record their complaints. As many of her videos show, she is an incredible speaker and has been welcome to numerous schools and universities to talk about instruction, aggressive behavior at home, and numerous other things. As a speaker, she was additionally welcomed to Washington by TED Talk (Technology, Entertainment, Design) to deliver a speech. In 2007, she propelled The NavJyoti Delhi Foundation. This NavJyoti Delhi Foundation received great help and received a positive response from the Indian society. From this foundation, Kiran Bedi could help over about 25,000 drug addicts, such as alcohol addicts to escape the addiction by providing them the needs with good treatment. Therefore; this also allowed many households to be saved in India from being torn apart. This concludes the fact, that Kiran Bedi has given more inspiration to the younger generation by providing them education at a macro level from being destroyed. This has additionally led Kiran Bedi to provide them with new healthcare facilities, new counseling centers, and giving new jobs for 200 teachers that are placed in institutions to provide the right education to the students of India. She has upheld new opportunities for women with the status and position she has from the people of India by using her voice. Kiran Bedi has gained equal opportunities for women to own property ownership and opportunities for women in education to go above and beyond like her.

Who/What influenced the influencer?

Kiran Bedi cracked the glass after becoming the first female IPS officer. The lesson here for fellow career aspirants is to break free from doubt and prove the stereotypes wrong. Dr. Bedi opens many opportunities for women in her country. This is due to her being born into a family of four sisters who have been raised to be successful in a male-dominated society. She only looked at her parents as role models, and then later books and teachers that came into her life had inspired her to become a spark to make a difference in her own country. Her attitude in getting involved to become an IPS officer was due to the stage of her country being developed at the time. This attracted Dr.Bedi policing to injustice and related issues.

Some challenge Dr. Bedi faced as an individual was sexism as a child. When she played tennis, she claims that injustice would take place with her female tennis team at lesser expenses. For example, during the girls’ finals, they would get the last court and that was not in good conditions, whereas the boys would be on the center court with better conditions. Discrimination between gender did not cause her to stop from growth or her potential, instead it gave her motivation to achieve further and prove to those people around her about her capabilities as an IPS officer. This shows how Dr.Bedi used her platform to show right and wrong to society by reaching out to people in dire need and addressing them with a solution.

Influencers best known for

Dr.Bedi is mainly known for her most famous story during the 1980s. During that time, India was divided. Regardless of whether it was her actions taking place in Punjab, or a fake state of emergency at Indira Gandhi, who was a controversial figure. As a professional officer, Kiran Bedi did not let her actions down instead used her power and position by giving a ticket and towing Indira Gandhi’s car for a parking violation. Indira Gandhi was a woman who was the Prime Minister at the time. After this, she had gain immense popularity among the people of India. The people saw this as an eye-opening moment that a woman of India had given a parking ticket to the Prime Minister, this showed how Kiran Bedi fought for equality. She did not care if you are rich, poor, female, or male, in her eyes everyone should be treated equally and if one doing wrong, it is considered wrong no matter who you are and what position you hold.

Personal Reflections

Considering the work, Kiran Bedi has done for India, my impression was that she was a true fighter for a country like India. Dr. Bedi has shown her capabilities by being a leader for all women officers in the IPS. This demonstrates that women can exceed expectations at any job, even the ones that were only considered a “man’s job”.

Looking at Dr. Bedi’s journey, one thing I would have differently was not retiring from being an IPS officer. I felt that she could make more impact on society through the position and power that she had as an IPS officer. It created much more equality, and it inspired many families and individuals to speak up about major conflicts.

It is inspiring how she continues to work for social progress even after her retirement. She is very passionate about her cause from a young age and she is continuing it further as being a politician today, for the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. She uses this platform today as a resource to deliver to the people about equality and no false assurances. I was very impressed by how she took her job as an IPS officer very seriously, even though she did not care what position one held when doing wrong.

I feel very proud that there are people in my country that make a good impact to develop the country. Even though there is a lot of corruption out there, the fact a strong simple woman like Kiran Bedi is making a difference to make a huge change in India, by using her voice and character.

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