Struggle for Equality

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The many ways in which America cruises hope and do not live up to its promise of the American dream. America does not give hope or promise to people trying to live the American dream. Does America give a helping hand, Give hope for the American dream? Does it you may ask? Nope and these are some reasons why Immigration doesn’t come and help the people trying to live a better life.

Struggle for equality Racism goes around a lot more now than when it used to like police brutality and so forth.

Economic problems like the big gap between the rich and the poor. The American presidency and how corrupted it is and what about, how does war solve problems it just gets it more started up. All of this leads up to how America does not give hope or promise for the American dream.

First immigration doesn’t come and help the people trying to live a better life. Immigrants have to run away from their country and try to sneak in and get into our country just to live a better life have a better job and hope that no one catches them or the crappy living conditions they have to live in like 8 or more family members in one room with everything that all the people living in that house and not being able to go to school or having a dream to be something big when you grow up but you can’t because their learning system is not good so they can’t have that dream you wanted since you were a little kid.

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This proves that America doesn’t give hope or promise the American dream. America has better jobs and better schools “As for the threat immigrants pose to American workers, the failure of our system to adequately train American citizens for highly skilled jobs has little to do with our immigration policy.”(John W). This proves how are system is a failure and not giving people hope and the promise of the American dream.

Here’s another away that proves America doesn’t give hope or promise to the American dream. “The wave of immigration a century ago also brought to this country some of the most important contributors to American culture, science, business, education, and health care, to mention a few.”(John W). This shows how the wave is crazy with immigrants trying to come to this country to try to live in America and how people have a dream and not being able to excite and how people can fight their way to cross the border and get over into the u.s not having a single thing fight to get a house job money just to live and start looking forward to having an education but not being able to have that dream job that they want to have and them going all this way to have nothing. Some people have it easy and are gifted their way into something which isn’t fair to the ones that fight and bust their balls every day trying to get and have what they want in life. Overall that proves that immigration does not give hope or promise for the American dream.

The second thing is a struggle for equality, there is so much talk about racism all over the world and the biggest thing now going around in the world is all about police brutality. How if you’re a certain color of skin or nationality that your a bad person or how can people live the American dream when they get bothered by what they look like. No one can just you know wake up one day and say they want to be a different skin color and it works out because they’re worried. After all, all cops want to arrest black people.

Here’s one way showing how America does not show hope or promise to the American dream for the struggle for equality. “The suspect in a car theft was already face down on the ground and motionless. A Miami police officer had him handcuffed…Then, as seen in a video recorded by a witness on Thursday morning, another officer came running toward the suspect, David Vladim Suazo, kicking him in the head before joining the other officer in pinning him to the ground.”(Victor D). Even when people do and say what the cop tells them to do they still do what they want to do the cops think they’re on top of the world.

Here’s another reason why the struggle for equality is crazy and does not give hope or promise to the American dream. “It seemed to many on Facebook to be an entirely unnecessary use of force, as the man showed no resistance to the arrest.” (Victor D). Here is another person that has been something like police brutality and how cops use it to their advantage by using force on people that are of different skin color. Overall this shows how there is a major struggle for equality in America so is that the American dream? No, it’s, not when you have to deal with your skin color over something you have no control over. Jim crow law “In 1868, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution gave blacks equal protection under the law. In 1870, the 15th Amendment granted blacks the right to vote. Still, many whites, especially those in the South, were unhappy that people they’d once enslaved were now on a more-or-less equal playing field.”(history). This shows how people are not happy still with the jim crow law. This proves how America does not give hope or promise the American dream and the struggle for equality in America as a whole.

The third thing the economy we have in America is terrible. People in government do not seem to know how to manage their money in the United States. The amount of debt the country has accrued over time is astronomical! Additionally, there is a big gap between the rich and the poor because the rich continue getting richer, while the poor continue becoming poorer Owning businesses and having investments keeps the wealthy; while the poor do not seem to have anything from the start, which is a difficult place to begin in life. . They barely have the money to eat and soon as the get the money they need to use it to get food or for things they need like food clothing housing mediation things people need in their life and then after they buy it they’re all out of money again. “There are both ethical and political reasons for wanting to address the growing gap between rich and poor, according to experts ranging from economists and political scientists to social workers and activists.”( CBC bykeepNews ). They say they would like to address the fact of the big gap but they can’t because its already done the gap is so big that there is no fixing it and it is not fair to the ones trying to become rich because they can’t if they don’t have something to start with, yes some have become rich starting of poor but that’s mostly because that person having a talent and being good at it.

Here’s and way of how America does not give hope and promise to the American dream with having a big gap between the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. “The perception that a few people are getting rich at the expense of the rest of us is fuelling a backlash, from the Occupy movement that began in 2011 to the austerity protests in EuropeAmericans to the worker walkouts in support of a higher minimum wage last year in the U.S.” ( CBC newsmaking. This proves that the people there are not a lot of people that go from rich to poor. So here we hear again how you have to be gifted with money to have nice things and be able to become richer when the poor people have nothing to start on and that’s how it works. Therefore this shows how the economy does not even know how to keep itself out of debt nor is it even capable to keep itself to make the money more even with everyone else so no the economy does not give hope or promise to the American dream.

Forth American presidency the presidency is so corrupted how can a president make changes in 4 years. In 4 years how do they know if they’rehe’s making the right decisions to make while they’re in there and not everyone likes the presidents that are elected.“The press has found innumerable instances of shady dealings on the part of Trump and his businesses,” ( Rothschild). Proves how Trump he’s just being helping himself because he has money so he’s able to make the rich richer that’s Americanst he’s been doing helping himself and not caring about his other fellow Americans. Presidents can say they want this law changed but is that law changed for the people or just for the president. They tend to make a lot of bad decisions . For ex are already brought ample, it’s trump trying to make it so teachers at school have to have a gun.

What if the teacher puts the gun down for a min and some student grabs the gun and runs off with it or what if a student fights a teacher and takes the gun and goes off like its not safe to have more than one gun in the schools. “Trump wants all teachers to have guns.” ( bump ). Presidents don’t think before through something in the air look at all the things that can happen if teachers have guns in school would be bad. Like honestly look at all the different things kids are already bring to school with them that the teachers and staff at the school don’t even know what there bring but if trump allows teachers to have guns in the school kids don’t even need to bring the weapons to school the teachers are already readily bringing them in school for the kids all the kids need to do is get a hand on them. No one wants their kids or themselves suck inside of a school because don’t kid took the teachers gone from them and started taking their problems out on everyone around them. So overall this proves how the American presidency is corrupt in America.

Another thing that America  proves it doesn’t live up to its A is war. , In the aftermath when the war is over, you have all that damage to pick up afterward, therefore,. Typically what side loses has to pay for the damages, therefore, are country and I’m sure other countries are all having economic problems why have to spend money on cleaning up other countries when you can talk it out and figure away out a plan to work something out. People do not want to clean up bodies and blood of the ground now why can people talk things out and set up agreements. “violence that did not end once the war or the military phase of the war ended. The violence and the violations that people experienced were not only in terms of taking away their lands or taking awa their livelihood but, ultimately, was also an effort to take away their language.” ( Castañeda). This proves how the war does all this violence in the war. Does not give hope or promise to the americanAmerAmerican Americanican dream.

Another thing that comes the effect in the aftermath of war is families getting ruined and kick out of their here houses not allowed to be there or the families having different sides and not getting along. “Families were literally split in half. Families held land and had homes. Then an artificial political border was created and suddenly part of the family was on one side, and the other part of the family was on another side. “ (Castañeda). That’s not right tacking your family members away from each other. Magin if when you are a young kid and you get taken away from your family members when you have no idea what’s going on or get taken away from your wife and kids. The war gives a b aftermath that the people have to pay for. I don’t know about you but I know I don’t want to be having to pay for someone else’s mess that they made. ThereforTherefore that’s hoAmericaw america does not give hope or promise to the American dream.

Yes, the  American people might say that yes america does give hope and promise to the American dream. Immigration is like how immigration gives people a better free education. How the government gives and supports Americansin. And how we have freedom. Struggle for equality like how the civil rights movement how we continue to stand up for our rights foourAmericare country. “Mainly during the 1950s and 1960s for blacks to gain equal rights under the law in the United States.” (history ). One example of how the struggle for equality is real and gives america hope and promise for the American dream.

Here is another reason how the struggle for equality does give hope and promise to the Americanshows dream. “President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8802 on June 25, 1941. It opened national defense jobs and other government jobs to all Americans regardless of race, creed, color or national origin.”( history ) This one shows how Americasomehow does give some how and promises the American dream.

Economic people might say that we are the only country that has capitalist economic over communism and are socialist and yes that’s all true. American presidency some positive presidents we have are teddy RooseveltFDR, fdr, and Reagan some positive presidents that we had in us. War u doesn’t initiate we didn’t start the war if some other country threatens us or starts with us that’s the only time we go in we usually don’t start the war. But the military does protect America. We have the power through winning wars to prevent commemoratesthey from attacking us so the do keep us all safe. So yes the united states do have some hope and promise for the American dream but there is a lot more thando the united states does not have the hope and promise for the American dream.

For example how proven that America does not give hope and promise the American dream for the immigrant how they have to leave everything behind and hope not to get caught and cross the border just to try to live the American dream they say and never actually get there in life.What about the struggle for equality where you have no say in which skin color you get to pick and you can’t warfightingdo anything with your life because you have to struggle through life on the actual skin color you are because the police beating the skin color you are and just because you have a shiny pag you get away with it. Or what about the big gap between the rich and the poor when you are gifted with money passed down to you and you get richer off of it because you were able to have the money to invest and start something and only the poor or the middle class have to fight just to keep what they have can’t go out and invest in something to get more money in life.

Same with the war fighting in the war doesn’t solve nodoesn’t solve any problems you fight and destroy both countries and people’s loved ones for what a victory that doesn’t solve much cause now both sides have to use money to fix what they destroyed that comes out of ever middle class and the poor people’s tax money because the American government is like that and takes the money out that way.

What about the american presidency and how the presidents only help themselves with the things they need when they are out of office. So therefore yes Americ does not give hope or promise to the American dream

In conclusion, America the many ways in which america cruises hope and do not live up to its promise of the American dream. Immigration Americandoesn’t give hope and promise for the american dream it doesn’t come and help the people trying to live a better life. The struggle for equality Racism goes around a lotthan more now then when it used to like police brutality and so forth. The economy is the big gap between the rich and the poor. And how that allcorrupt messed up in the united states. The presidency is so corruption. How do they do stuff for themselves and how do they about do things without thinking about the outcomes sometimes. war in the united states, how does war solve problems it just gets it more started up. Therefore that how America does not give hope or promise for the American dream and how it doesn’t help people as many people thinkAmerica america does.

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