6 Member of SWIFT7 Faster service and solution of banking

6. Member of SWIFT.

7. Faster service and solution of banking problem.

8. Customer friendly.

9. Effective marketing policy.

10. Innovative with product and service.

The Weakness of CBL are Following:

1. Controversy on centralized system.

2. Insufficient ATM booth.

3. Lack of freedom at work.

4. Lacking on good customer relationship.

5. Complex security shell makes customer uncomfortable.

The Opportunities of CBL are following:

1. Growth of SME banking.

2. Scope of financing on youth entrepreneurship.

3. Scope on corporate financing.

4. Technology advancement.

The Threat of CBL are following:

1. Interest rate fluctuation.

2. Loosing customer.

3. New comers.

4. New rules against giving loan.

Some other findings of banking system of CBL:

? Bank is too much centralized that’s why every move takes times.

? Dependency on head office.

? Customer care center sometimes provides wrong information.

? Charge of some services are little bit higher.

? Minimum balance of opening a bank account is higher.


As bank is a service provider and it works with money, there are number of scopes to improve their service and financing on every different ways.

Gaining customer loyalty, trustworthiness, making good customer relationship, understanding the market are more important than increasing number of customers. CBL should make new plan to how to keep loyal customer and understanding what customers want. CBL should minimize the service gap on customer objection, expectation and perception. Some steps can be taken by CBL for meeting the customers’ expectations and increasing company’s growth as well as goodwill:

1. Employee training on regular basis to make them more customer friendly and effective as well as efficient.

2. CBL can emphasize on maintaining more cash and deposit balance.

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3. They should came up with some discount offer for regular customers.

4. They can encourage young customers with lesser service charge and offers.

5. Internal IT problem should be solved very quickly.

6. The renovations of different branches should be done quickly.

7. The employees should be selected based on area and branch which will help to gather more customers.

8. They should increase more ATMs and minimize the card capture problem.

9. The loan process and disbursement should be made within a certain time.

10. They should be more employee friendly to make out good service.


From the very beginning of our country’s development the private banks are doing amazing job. People are concern about to save their money for future investment and take loan to buy or do something within a certain time. If a person wants to start up any business, he need not to wait for collecting money for years rather than he can take loan for executing his dream. Because of customer demand and opportunity lots of commercial bank has come and established in last few years. City bank is helping the country with their service for more than 25 years. They have improved their service a lot and for customer demand they have opened the branches almost all over the Bangladesh. CBL is helping our economy by remitting of funds. Banking has expanded their service to meet the every financing solution for both the each client and corporate clients. The new challenge for every sector is making digitalization. Almost every function and job are delivering on digital way. Citytouch is the most unique with best online banking service of CBL. Citytouch is upgrading day by day and people are getting banking service at their home.

This report has focused mostly on the service and product of CBL and identified important information that could make the banking service more attractive to customers. The performance and creative steps of CBL will surely help them to make one of best private banks in near future.

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