5 Best-kept Secrets About Doing eCommerce Business

Most will agree that businesses are going through a phase of digitisation with greatest impact felt on retail industry. Massive rise in the online shopping and increasing number of eCommerce stores are testimony to that. There are many front-running, versatile and upfront eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify to craft steller websites and applications for doing eCommerce business. So, evidently, retailers do have easy and instant way to get a intuitive online store by partnering with Magento eCommerce development or other eCommerce solution providers, they need to know how to break away the stereotyped way of doing online business.

However, for that, eCommerce retailers need to grab well the facts that are trending the online marketplace.

There has been an overwhelming emergence in the online shopping spree in all advanced as well as non-advanced nations around the world. This resulted in an whopping rise in eCommerce sales globally to nearly 2500 billions USD.

There has been noticable mobile app dominance over the retail sales in the past years.

This calls for the need of mCommerce applications which are exact replica of the eCommerce websites. While the trend of mCommerce apps is expected to become more prominent, retailers miss out this aspect. When more number of customers are sneeking into their mobile devices to shop with comfort, retailers now need to get a mobile-first strategy.

It seems that near about a half of the online merchants would adopt to an omnichannel platform. That way would help them coordinate their traditional selling procedures with online methods and provide more flexible and seamless user experience.

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One example of such omnichannel services in eCommerce is providing option like “Buy Online and Pick up In Store”, so that buyers can directly visit to the store get the product earlier instead of waiting it to arrive.

Most wholesale retailers are not aware of the fact eCommerce has widened it sphere from B2C to B2B trade. More and more merchants offering products to other businesses are taking their store online. So, a retailers who have been the leaders in wholesale trading need to come with innovative stores.

The year 2018 saw voice integration as a driving innovation in the eCommerce world making the online shopping experience more enthralling for buyers. Many eCommerce companies are now enabling the command for voice searches in their store with Google Voice assistants. This is year 2018 which is said to the banner year for eCommerce with most companies experiencing whopping sales. So, the retailers who want to stay in the game need to adopt these trending stratgeies.

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