“40 Days Night” by Olivier Truc

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The perhaps most secluded Wonderland cultural exoticism in Europe is the venue of this original detective novel, the longtime Scandinavia correspondent of Le Monde has written. Many of us may seem stranger than other regions of the European Union of northern Lapland in northern Norway, but certainly inhumane, but rule there conditions that allow the Central Europeans appear everyday as sheer agony.

As you spend without prejudice whipped forty days in total darkness at up to minus 40 degrees? The indigenous people of Lapland, the Sami, it does not know otherwise.

For centuries they have learned to present themselves as reindeer herders, hunters and traders exceptionally tough challenges. The enigmatic environmental phenomena and existential questions they agreed with a natural religion, and from generation to generation pass down ancient myths and heroes sealed the gray history in oral continuity. One of the highlights of its annual flow is, not surprisingly, the rebirth of the sun after the long polar night. On January 10, she blinks out from behind the horizon for just 42 minutes makes the day a little light and gives each person his shadow again.

In addition to the ravages of nature made the Sami also fellows from the South to accomplish. In the 17th century Sweden up moved in order to> colonize, “which meant: You drove them from their tribal areas, enslaved them as labor in mines, prohibited them their language, their pagan religion and its myths and forced them devout Christians become.

Especially the revival of conservative moral Laestadianer distinguished himself missio alternately and instructive.

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Since then, the majority of the seeds leads a limited existence like many other indigenous minorities, many still live as their ancestors from their reindeer herds to the high plains where they live alone in tents or simple cottas, others work as assistants for farmers, some, especially from the younger generation, lawyers and doctors have become more and live in the city.

Ironically, in the magical night before the reappearance of the sun happens a crime that is deeply rooted in this historical background. From a gallery in Kautokeino a Sami shaman drum was stolen. The German Helmut Juhl had recently obtained in order to reintegrate its unique collection to the Sami way of life and craftsmanship, but was not even gotten around to document the rare piece.

The theft of the cult piece attracted public attention , For the seeds it contains less means nothing but a “stab in the back”, an attack on their souls, of their culture. In the course of proselytizing the drums of the shamans had been confiscated and burned – fiery example of oppression in a dark time. World should be left only fifty pieces, but the stolen drum was the only Sami on its own soil.

The local priest, a pietistic Laestadianer, speaks with two tongues. When “our Sami Friends” speaks of respect for the culture as a defendable Well, no one believes him, but where he makes in the appropriate environment no secret of his concern about the resurgence of pagan superstition. An increasing number of “lost souls” to boost recently with traditional Joik -Gesang and plenty of alcohol in a trance and drum – “work of the devil!” – is an important stimulant while

Extra for Sami issues an independent police were already introduced some years ago, organizationally part of the city police.. She cares especially about the Sami on the plateaus, regulates disputes over pastures to wild changing, stolen, killed in accidents reindeer and the like. Bad criminal offense has never existed in the vast areas.

Tor Jensen is the director of the Police Commissioner, and because he privately like wearing a leather cowboy hat, each “Sheriff” calls him. Klement Nango, close to retirement, the Odds Sami in the troop, and Nina Nansen was moved here with her dewy police conclusion just from Oslo. Although the case of drum-theft the “Sheriff” hardly impressed, he caused him but related pressure. For three weeks, the key UN conference on indigenous peoples will be held in Oslo, when it comes to funding from the pots of the UN and to the spotless reputation of the Norwegians. In addition to the Sami politicians and the right-wing extremists expect quick results from the police, and a demo on the marketplace Kautokeino to the claim ( “Give us our drum again”) lend emphasis.

In order to recover the ill-fated drum quickly Klement and Nina will first talk to the people and let it exercise the offered tact and empathy. The day is not yet in order, since it is reported that the reindeer herder Mattis was found dead.

What a wonderful concept of opportunity for power and depth! In fact, Olivier Truc can the reader, about two hundred pages long tie. But then this Scandinavian thriller unfortunately bogged down somewhat broad beaten in a variety storylines before the two unequal officials have informed the brutal crimes against Mattis and the drum is back where it belongs. Then it’s the end of January, and the days are already five hours.

If Klement and Nina, wrapped in thick overalls, lawn on the GPS guided snowmobile safari over the high plains, we get readers fascinating insight into the living conditions and social change among living far apart breeders. Johan Henrik about the signs of the times recognized. After Sami tradition he inherited the youngest of five siblings land and flock of his father and now leads a modern small company with fifteen employees, snowmobiles, snow plows, quads, cars, battle vehicles and helicopters.

In addition, he has discovered the tourism business, organized fishing tours, guides visitors through its animal enclosures and sells Sami crafts. Additional revenue it gains from the rental of its machinery. His wife runs a snack bar on the road. In his family, Johan Henrik has as heir the duty to take care of the aging parents, in society he belongs to the prestigious upper class and is a member of the Sami party.

situation is quite different at Aslak, one of the few traditional breeders from. He lives with his wife, who does not speak in years, only now and then mark piercing screams are from, contrary breathed a bit of warmth in a primitive Kate, in the middle of a wood fire blazes and up to forty nighttime temperatures below zero. Food and clothing are the only thing the two else you need to live, and give them the reindeer. All alone, accompanied only by some herding dogs, Aslak travels on his skis to look after his little flock. He belongs to the archaic, fearsome types, who are said, they castrated their male Rene still with his teeth. Once he is with his own hand a wolf killed. He will make ends meet, but not even the politics, let alone the Wirtschaftssytem, ​​admits traditional hunters and retailers like him a chance of a future one.

belonged to these losers with no hope also Mattis, the son of a shamans, but without the strength and charisma. For some time he had drugged existential distress and despair with alcohol, and the anger he aufhalste with the other breeders, it did not affect more. His neglected reindeer exaggerated emaciated and fend for themselves on the high plains and over again penetrated into foreign pastures.

Another storyline opens with the search for an old mine. In the 17th century rich tin, iron ore and silver deposits were discovered, and now the employees emerged on a large mining company to surreptitiously to cook his own soup. Although the new hot thriller material is closely related to the case of the missing drum and a dark history from the past together, but the author still puts more for: plenty of intrigue, a penchant for young girls, the search one flown in from Canada glaciologists unfortunately. All these secondary lines direct from the central case down, slow down the tension and at the expense of interest in the country and people.

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