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4 I grew up in a small rural town in northern Baltimore County Paper

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4. I grew up in a small rural town in northern Baltimore County. Fortunately, my high-school did not segregate friendship groups by color. There was maybe a total of 9 African American students out of roughly 1,000. In college, I also did not experience segregation in friendship circles. I think my situation is rare and have seen other schools, or even places of work, that are segregated by race. When I was a medical assistant, my lunch break was never the same time of my coworkers so I would sit in the cafeteria alone observing my surroundings. A majority of the lunch tables were segregated by small groups of the same color. Every now and then there would be mixed tables. I think this occurs based on the past history of what people have seen, or what their ancestors had practiced and their attitudes and beliefs had been passed down to each generation. Group cohesion is defined as the sense of solidarity that individuals feel toward a group to which they belong (Ferris & Stein, 2018). I feel like this explains why some groups seem segregated by color, they feel as if they are meant to be with others of the same race or color. The young girl in the video had stated “it’s about who you feel comfortable with” when they were talking about why the class was so divided by race (Renaud &Renaud, 2007).

5. Something we learned in a high school history class always stood out to me because I couldn’t imagine people enforcing rules like this; African Americans were to use separate water fountains and bathrooms than Caucasians. America has definitely taken a step in the right direction to diminish these segregations. I think that assigned seating in classrooms is a small but mighty impression. If this is started at a young age, nationwide, there will most likely be friendship circles consisting of multiple races. This can lead to continuing on through the school years, and then in adulthood. It is important to teach children at a young age to not judge people for their beliefs, but to try to see things from their perspective. Racism can be found in many forms, which makes it challenging to completely dismiss discrimination. The concept of colorblind racism, the idea that removes race from the explanation of unequal treatment, was thought of to be a good step to take in becoming a post-racial world (Ferris & Stein, 2018). Forms of racism became subtler, which leads to addressing them more difficult. Our textbook states that the percentage of people that identify as multiracial is increasing, which could lead to a decrease in the social racism that is created. It is important that individuals see the world from a sociological viewpoint to better understand not only their race/ethnicity and how it shapes them, but for them to understand the other race and ethnicity members viewpoints. When more and more people start to view the world this way, by understanding where everyone else is coming from, it can hopefully transform the ways individuals think and advance us to finding an end to racism.

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6. Institutional racism can be defined by a specific group that receives negative treatment due to their race in a social institution (Ferris & Stein, 2018). Little Rock Central High is a prime example of institutional racism; they had the Arkansas National Guard supervise the school to prevent the African American students, the minority group, from entering. Educational opportunity for this group is then limited. This in return, deters them from accomplishing equal status to their peers. Another example of institutional racism can be seen with the police. Institutional discrimination occurs when unequal treatment is given to someone because of their racial or ethnic group. An example from the textbook explains the city of Ferguson incident. Brown, an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed. The police offer was not charged with murder which raised a few questions. An investigation proved that the Ferguson Police Department had been violating the constitutional rights of its black residents (Ferris & Stein, 2018). This case is an example of racial bias and how one is judged simply based on the color of their skin.

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