CLEFTON Precision Pte Ltd is a Local Company

That prides itself in manufacturing highly precise and complex components to clients such as Contract Manufacturers and Electronics Manufacturing Service companies. With deep knowledge and expertise in the field of CNC machining of refractory metals (class of metals that are extremely resistant to heat and wear), the team at CLEFTON are able to serve the semiconductor, petroleum industries and high technology sectors by offering sophisticated refractory metal machining capabilities. Backed by an experienced team that has worked with such manufacturing processes over 2 decades, therefore enabling them to leverage on their manufacturing competency to provide dedicated support to their customer’s precision machining needs and requirements.

As technology rapidly advances, component specifications become more stringent. Therefore, machining processes must continue to support demanding precision requirements and increasingly complex geometries. We can expect growth in this area as larger companies look to outsource their manufacturing needs to reduce cost and manpower requirements. Being experts in this field, customers will benefit from working closely with the trained professionals at CLEFTON, rather than wasting time on working through difficulties that may arise from the lack of knowledge they possess for their component needs.

The accessibility factor that CLEFTON provides will reassure their customers as there will be constant dialogue between both parties on the requirements and needs for the manufacturing of the components. Furthermore, there will be cost savings generated as companies will be able to leverage on the machining capabilities, facilities and manufacturing expertise all within CLEFTON itself, thus eliminating additional parties that may be involved throughout the entire process.

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CLIFTON is inherently a company that is based in manufacturing products for its customers, therefore generating revenue through manufacturing. Customers looking to outsource their manufacturing process turn to CLEFTON to provide them with solutions for their product requirements.

The primary manufacturing process involved are CNC milling and turning. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining is a process used in the manufacturing industry that automates the operation of machine tools using pre-programmed computer codes and commands. It is the preferred choice by the industry as it is able to produce various types of components with complex geometries and a high level of accuracy coupled with cost effectiveness (due to high level of automation resulting in lesser human labour) through timed production runs (one-off & medium volume productions).

CNC milling and turning machines are known as 3-axis systems which are the basic type of machines that allow for production of most parts with simple geometries. The cutting tool moves in 3 linear axes (x, y, z) with relation to the workpiece. Other multi axis CNC systems allow the cutting tool to move up to 5 different axes as they are equipped with additional degrees of freedom which in turn are able to produce more complex and accurate parts than the 3 axis systems.

Milling is a cutting process that uses a milling cutter (tool) to remove the surface of the material by advancing in a direction at an angle at high speed. The workpiece is held stationary on the base or in a vice clamp. The tools are attached to the spindle which moves along the 3 axes (left-right, front-back and up-down). Turning is a slightly different process compared to CNC milling. CNC turning relies upon computer-controlled machines, but creates a different end product. The process uses a single-point cutting tool that is inserted parallel to the material that will be cut.

CNC turning can be used on the outer perimeter of the material to create a tubular shape, or it can be used on the inside of material to create a tubular cavity within the chosen material. The workpiece is fixed to the spindle while rotating at high speeds. A cutting tool traces the outer or inner perimeter of the component, thus forming the shape. CNC turning are widely used as they are able to produce in large volumes at a higher rate and lower cost than other CNC machining operations.

Customers may modify the components at any point in time throughout the production process. Collaborating with a local manufacturer will enable the customers to engage with the manufacturer on a more frequent basis, therefore improving the logistical productivity of the manufacturing process. The window for completing processes is ever reducing. Therefore, it is important that they are able to receive their product as soon as it’s completed. By manufacturing in house, it allows for a quicker turnaround, as well as flexibility in making changes during the manufacturing process.

With deep specialisation in refractory metal machining, CLEFTON is able to provide quality products to their customers by utilising their strength in understanding material composites and their properties coupled with an experienced team with knowledge in this area.

As an SME, Clefton Pte Ltd should seek out new ways to stay relevant by innovating their manufacturing process and identifying area of improvements to allow smoother integration/transition towards industry 4.0. For example, there is increasing emphasis on manufacturing companies to shorten the turn around time during the manufacturing process. Or the need for constant interaction with the different stakeholders throughout the manufacturing cycle to make changes to the product

Telemetry analysis is one way to improve efficiency, using data collected from devices and uploaded to a cloud server for example, companies will be able to monitor data and make changes almost immediately without the need to physically meet up with their customers. This is an example of Internet of Things (IOT) whereby machines/computers communicate remotely with each other while data is being uploaded constantly for monitoring.

Also, manufactured precision parts (required to operate systems in high-technology sectors) could have sensors inbuild in them such that when a specific tolerance measurement is out of range, that the company be notified so that the part will be put out of use to prevent any further usage which will have detrimental impacts as such high-precision parts require high levels of functionality to meet exact specifications and performance demands.

With the prevalence of smart devices across a wide range of age and class groups, especially among the young and middle class, companies will be able to capture much more data. This allows companies to forecast demand and to engage their customers more effectively. Combining the use of digital technology with machines to create a “smart factory”, data produced will allow greater efficiency and to understand how to meet customer expectations better in the long run.

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