19141914 by Sophie Masson is a war fiction book about a young

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1914 by Sophie Masson, is a war fiction book about a young boy named Louis Julian and his older brother Thomas. I found this book very exciting and emotional.

Louis and his brother Thomas are on holiday in Sarajevo, But the peace is destroyed as a bomb explodes in straight of the Australia Empires eyes. Then they stared the 1914 war. As Europe descends into war, Louis convinces his parents to let him go to the front as a war correspondent to then participate in joining the war with other correspondents.

They then sent him to northern France were Louis then witnesses the war’s first battles against many countries and the beginning of the trench warfare. His friends from Australia, England, Austria and Russia join the war as well against each other.

I thought that the book was very well written and exiting and emotional to read, this book made me want to read the next one. Louis’s character is very brave, caring and thoughtful.

When I picked the book and read the first couple of pages, I couldn’t put the book down because of how good it was.

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Don’t call me Ishmael

Don’t call me Ishmael by Michael Gerard Bauer, is a young adult fiction about Ishmael Leseur, a 14- year-old boy, and his experiences in Year Nine of school. I found this book so funny and exiting.

This is a book about a young 14-year-old boy called Ishmael Leseur. As Ishmael moves to his new school a boy called Barry thinks that it is so cool to then start bullying him.

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That year he got bullied another boy called James then came to his school and Barry then thought it would be a good idea to then start bulling him. But James did not fear of Barry, with Miss Tarango’s help, Ishmael leans to stick up for himself and tell Barry to leave him alone.

This is one of the funniest books I’ve read, which had me in stitches for most of the book. Right from when he first tells us how he came to be Ishmael until the wonderful ending. I think that it has been such a successful book in putting across the main themes and characters of the novel and dealing with bullying.

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Girl Missing

Girl Missing by Tess Gerritson is a thriller fiction book that had been published previously after Peggy Sue got murdered. I found this book so good that I would read it again.

This book is about a woman named Kat Novak that has been assigned to investigate a murder. As they find the first body, they then spend a day on trying to find out what had happened my it was a complete mystery. Then many days later, there was a second body that had been murdered they then tried to figure out what was happening but then they thought it must be a warning or even a sign. Kat then starts to worry about how there is a serial killer on the lose in the streets of the city. When Kat goes to see the mayor to talk about what has been happening, the mayor just didn’t listen. Then there is a third body that had been murdered which might be hers

I thought this book was exceptional, it was very well written, and I heard that there are a series of these books, so I am looking forward to reading those. When I started reading this book every night, I started to read more pages than I thought I would be knowing that I was so interested in it and ended up reading for an hour instead of just 30 minutes.

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