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11 Project Summary Vision Based Safeguard Surveillance is basically Paper

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1.1 Project Summary

Vision Based Safeguard Surveillance is basically a Web App which will detect the child activity when a child going in car or bus and tries to move his hand outside the window then the camera will fetch the activity and check for the pre recorded data and if match found then the notification or alert will be sent to user means who is driving the car bus so that child security is achieved.

The main purpose of the Vision Based Safeguard Surveillance Web App is to save both father’s and mother’s time who are working all day and not able to look after their child. Sometimes it happens child moves his hand outside the window and by chance if someone comes and then causality occurs. To avoid this type of causality our system is helpful and parents will feel relieved.

Users will be able to select package from the given list of packages and according to that service will be provided to the user. User can also give feedback and also make complaints if he /she doesn’t the like the service.

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1.2 Purpose Goal and Objectives

• Purpose

The purpose of the software requirement specification (SRS) is to outline the requirements of Vision Based Safeguard Surveillance. Vision Based Safeguard surveillance will be web-base app software which will mainly aim at the safety of the children. The main goal of this system or software is to provide corrective measures in security of the children.

• Goal of the project

? To reduce the number of cases in child security especially road accidents.

? To make people aware of the availability of the system and what functionalities it provides to achieve child safety.

? User will able to select package from the list of packages and accordingly the service will be provided.

? User will be allowed to give feedback and can complaint regarding the service provided

• Objectives

? Our main objective is to relieve tension of parents as they are unable to look after their child.

? It will also be beneficial for van driver as they don’t have to look after each and every child whenever the activity is detected the notification is sent to driver so that he can alert the children.

1.3 Scope

With the increase in neutral families in India, both mother and father go for service and they have no time for their children to look after. Earlier there were joint families to look after the children as grandparents and other family members are there to look after the children. Nowadays the major problem arises is Child Security. So, our project will focus on one of the activities which raise the problem of child security and our project will solve that problem. One of the problem is when parents have no time to drop their child to the school so they send their child in school van or bus. The incident which can probably occur is, if a child tries to keep his/her hand outside the window it might happen that driver unable to look after all children and their casualty arises. Probable solution for this problem is we will fix a camera outside the van and whenever child tries to keep his/her hand outside the window the buzzer will buzz in the van so that driver can prevent the casualty. There will be two module for this project. They are user and admin. So, this project will be beneficial to all the working parents.

What it can do?

? User can see the list of packages and details.

? User can make the payment for continuing service or new one.

? User can edit their profiles.

? User can download the report whenever the activity is detected.

What it can’t do?

? This system will not be used for autorickshaw.

? It won’t allow the user to continue the service when the package time is over.


Requirement Study or

Literature Review

2.1 Technology and Literature Review

2.2 Project Planning

2.3 Risk Management

2.3.1 Risk Identification

2.3.2 Risk Analysis and planning

2.4 Estimation

2.4.1 Effort Estimation

2.4.2 Cost Estimation

2.5 System Requirement Study

2.5.1 User Characteristics

2.5.2 Hardware Requirement

2.5.3 Software Requirement

2.5.4 Constraints

2.1 Technology and Literature Review

Within the technology, we are using Python with MySQL as Backend. For the frontend, we are using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax.

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on 11 Project Summary Vision Based Safeguard Surveillance is basically and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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