1.1 Introduction

Agriculture activity has an enormous environmental footprint which can be causing environmental changes that can affect the world ecosystem. Due to the increasing populations and growing food supply, sustainable agriculture was introduced as a potential solution to minimize the environmental changes. Sustainability is focusing on business practice and process rather than agriculture products which includes the familial aspect, profit, health and, environmental protection.

In Malaysia, the production of palm oil is the center of sustainable agriculture. As the location of this country located in Southeast Asia, it has an ideal climate to grows palm oil in tropical environments.

Palm oil production is a significant economy of Malaysia as they are second- largest in the world as the palm oil producer. This industry continues to increase and can harm and decrease biodiversity but the environmental harms can be minimized if the palm oil produced to follow the sustainable practice.

The Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) standard which started in 2015 provides a credible sustainable and responsible management for the benefit of biodiversity enhancement, social enhancement and improves management standards while minimizing the negative impact towards the environment.

Based on the 1990 Farm Bill by the Department of Agriculture, a bill that defines the framework for sustainable agricultural practice in the U.S, Malaysian palm oil production meets the U.S standard of sustainable agriculture.

1.2 Problem Statement

KER plays the most important role in producing the quality of CPKO. 1% loses of KER is equivalent to a total loss of RM 350,000 per month in revenue (Zulkefli et.

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, 2017). The KER needs to be maintained so that the profitability of palm oil mill companies will increase. Not only focusing on the quality of FFB but also focusing on the implementation of maintenance strategy RCM for further improvement on machinery.

1.3 Objectives

Since this research is to increase the KER performance at Kernel Screw Pressing system, thus the primary objective is:

1. To ensure optimum maintenance strategy on KER gives improvement on the Screw Pressing system

2. To analyze the effectiveness of the Screw Pressing system to KER.

3. To develop the RCM assessment model for KER enhancement.

1.4 Scope of Study

For this research, the scope of the study will be focusing on the main objectives to increase KER performance. This study will emphasize a maintenance program that can be to increase the effectiveness of oil production in the palm oil mills.

1.5 Significance of Study

To ensure that this study will have a successful result that can be affected by the palm oil industries. This finding from this study will give the productivity and profit of oil companies in Malaysia by maximizing the performances of machines and minimizing the cost. This research will provide structural maintenance management specifically for KER enhancement for palm oil mill industries.

1.6 Research Milestone

Based on Table 1-1, this table represents the research milestone or timeline of Engineering Final Year Project 1 (EFYP 1). Every activity of EFYP1 will consist two parts which are plan and actual. The tasks are set accordingly to the plan and neatly organized within 14 weeks. Some planning and discussion over the task are done by both student and supervisor. The first step is students need to find their supervisor by the given weeks and select their research tittle project within the same time. Some students may face difficulties to find their supervisor as they are still doing their internship programmed on those weeks.

The challenges faced started on identifying the problem statement and defining the research objective. It takes for about 3 to 4 weeks to determine this component. The biggest challenges were to find, read and conclude the literature review. On the planning plan, the supervisors give 9 weeks to prepare the literature review. As the research regarding KER maintenance programmed is lack of research paper, the interview session within the staff of palm oil company is needed for an alternative way to finding of KER performance in the industry. There are some problems occur with the interview plan, the plan eventually will postpone towards EFYP 2.

To understand the palm oil milling process through the reading is not enough as practical is more efficient than the theoretical. For the last, to complet the chapter 3 also was a challenging step as this research doesn’t have much experience in maintenance management in the RCM maintenance concept, so this research needs some extra effort throughout the reading and consulting with the experts regarding the maintenance.

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