11 Background of StudyCommunity in urban nowadays are living in

1.1 Background of Study

Community in urban nowadays are living in a place where less green environment region is being cared. Built-up area such as city is full of commercial and residential buildings, but only small portion of plants been kept and take care of in this area. The domestic area inside the city is already been surrounded by these buildings and most of the plants and tree been cut off for the municipal development purpose. The urban scenery was crowded, noise and contain kind of various pollution reside there, compared to countryside where nature is sustained.

Majority of people living in this area were also busy performing their jobs, doing business and other task. Past working hour, most people are having their leisure time. Some of them are involve in many kinds of activities and hobbies. One of the popular hobbies in the urban area is gardening activities.

Gardening can be shrubs to develop and build the plant as part of the learning in the field of agriculture field planting.

The most preferable gardening method in an urban area is by building a small home greenhouse. By applying this method, growers not only can secure there gardening hobbies well, but also can enjoy eating organic based food such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Besides healthy foods, the green plants also act as natural therapy medium to help ease the working stress of the grower when fitting together with his hobbies.

Figure 1.1: example of greenhouse in and urban area

The importance of the residential greenhouse gardening, for example as shown in Figure 1.

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1, is to control the environment inside to a constant condition. most gardener needs a lot of handwork and focus in order to take care of plants for a constant optimum condition in a certain period of time. In order to maintain the growth of the plant in a greenhouse, the environmental condition inside must be stable. One of the popular methods used in maintaining the optimum condition for plant growth inside a greenhouse is by implementing the application of an automated monitoring and control system.

The type of application operates to monitor the condition inside the greenhouse. If the environment inside the greenhouse is in unfavourable condition for plant to grow, the system will have a set of feedback mechanism that will work toward recovering the normal condition of the inner greenhouse. Most of farmer and gardener would prefer to use this application because it is reliable, precise and less work to do. The application of an automated monitoring and control system can be controlled via computer and analysis on the condition of plant can be done by monitoring the parameter inside the greenhouse.

1.2 Problem Statement

Growing plant in an urban area is not a simple thing to be done. Similar to human and other living things, plant also have the essential requirement in order to sustain health and survivability. Proper treatment must be applied for a constant period to make sue the plant grow in good condition. People living the city area that involves with gardening activities are mostly busy with their jobs and commitment to other important task in their daily lives such as talking care of family, studying and etc. This led to a problem when gardeners face difficulties to monitor and taking care the plants by themselves for a constant period due to their main work. Generally, less management of plants will contribute to less growth development that can plants achieved. In worst case, the plants may get into disease or malnutrition and eventually die.

1.3 Project Objectives

The main objectives of this project are:

1. To develop a greenhouse control system by monitoring the environmental condition inside using four type sensor namely relative humidity, temperature, soil moisture and light intensity.

2. To control the environment parameter inside greenhouse via Arduino Uno Rev3 microcontroller equipped with automatic roof vent opener, cooling fan, heat fan, water spray pump and LED lighting.

3. To build a wired and wireless monitoring system by using LCD display and Arduino SIM900 GSM Shield respectively.

1.4 Project Scope

Generally, there are a few scopes and guidelines listed to ensure the project is conducted within its intended boundary. In addition, to ensure this project is heading in the right direction to achieve the purpose of this project.

1. The greenhouse monitoring system focus on implementing four type sensor that detect relative humidity, temperature, soil moisture and light intensity of the mini greenhouse.

2. The greenhouse feedback application is installed with automatic roof vent opener which regulated by the relative humidity sensor, cooling fan regulate by the temperature sensor, water pump regulates by soil moisture sensor and LED lighting by light sensor.

3. The reading from relative humidity, temperature, soil moisture and light intensity sensor are programmed in form of data to be presented on LCD display and can be sent to the user phone in from of SMS.

4. An alert message are displayed “HIGH TEMPERATURE”, “HIGH HUMIDITY”, “LOW LIGHT”, “LOW MOIST”, “TEMPERATURE OKAY”, “HUMIDITY OKAY”, “LIGHT OKAY” and “MOIST OKAY” base on the recent reading of each sensors on the LCD display and SMS message.

1.5 Limitation

The limitation for this project is not for one specific plants. This project used for overall plants because the environmental inside the greenhouse base on the standard environmental requirement for plants. Moreover, the limitation for this project is the system used a power supply to active the system. If the area doesn’t have a power supply, this system will not active.

1.6 Chapter Summary

The first chapter of the thesis mention about the idea on choosing this project as for the Final Year Project 1. It is briefly explaining the background of study, problem statements, Project objectives, Project scope and limitation of the project.

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11 Background of StudyCommunity in urban nowadays are living in
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