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10 Youths Away from a Better Tomorrow Paper

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Many of the prominent figures today are adults; Oprah, Beyonc?, and many others are famous for what they have done. But less often in the spotlight are the youths who, despite their age, have already made impacted society.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is one of these youths. “We all are indigenous to this earth,” he said in his 2015 United Nations assembly address. He had started discussing the environment at a rally at the mere age of six and has grown to become the spokesperson and youth director for the group Earth Guardians.

Another environment-focused was Kiara Nirghin. She developed a substance that helped soil in dry areas retain water for agricultural purposes, winning her the grand prize at the 2016 Google Science Fair. She was also featured by Time, CNN, Malala Fund, and more, which she uses to encourage girls in the STEM field.

The Malala Fund was established by Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person to ever be awarded the Nobel Prize. She was a Pakistani who advocated for freedom of education, particularly for females, and her campaigning led to an attempt on her life by the Taliban group that forbade women’s’ education.

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Another female activist is Shibby de Guzman, a young Filipino student who criticizes several of government’s decisions, including Ferdinand Marcos’s burial and the murders of people accused of illegal drugs. She and her fellow protestants aim to inspire other youths to resist the unfairness society faces.

One such inequality is the disadvantages of students with learning disabilities. Jack Bradley struggled past his own ADHD and autism to write for The Hechinger Report about the problems of special students. He is also the co-founder and an ambassador of JackBeNimble, a group that equips special students with the means to unlock their potential.

Robby Novak, dubbed “Kid President” is another youth who doesn’t let his condition hold him back. Despite being born with a brittle bone disease, his positivity has uplifted through the videos he and his brother-in-law post in an effort to motivate others to be better people.

Another youth who uses his fame to inspire others is Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo, who was born with CCD or cleidocranial dysostosis. He used his fame to represent others like him and promote acceptance of all people, he also works with CCD Smiles a nonprofit that helps CCD patients.

Yara Shahidi is an Iranian-African-American actress from Black-ish, a show that explores themes like racism and brutality. She strives towards diversity both onscreen and offscreen and founded Yara’s Club and Eighteenx18, groups that promote involvement with politics and social issues.

Cut from Woodrose’s own plaid cloth is Tamiya dela Fuente, 2018 graduate. Her works were featured in the exhibit Tagaytay Artbeat and the book Black Flood 2. She also showcased her art in the SM event Art for Everyone, which promotes student artworks and supports their passion. Through her artworks, she was able to encourage fellow artists to continue their craft.

Instilling in her students not only the ability to create art but also appreciate it, Woodrose teacher Maricar Mauricio discovered her passion in college and went on to teach it. She also commissions art pieces and aims to build a permanent art therapy institution, where she can help others use art as an outlet for their emotions. “Imagine, create, and share,” she said, “Because your art is not made for the shelves.”

The youth today have shown that they are capable and have been able to improve society despite their age. And with the future in their hands, the world can breathe a sigh of relief as it looks forward to a better tomorrow.

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