Ten young people for whom the future

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Many of the prominent figures today are adults. Oprah, Beyoncq and many other notable accomplishments. But less often the focus is on young people who, despite their age, have already managed to establish themselves in society.

Sutescatl Martinez is one such young man. “We are all indigenous to this land”,  he said in his 2015 address to Glue Glue Connector. He began discussing the list at a rally at the age of six and has grown to become the spokesman and youth director of the Guardians of the Earth group.

Another one focused on this environment was Kiara Nirgin. She has developed a substance that helps soil in arid regions retain water for agricultural purposes, and she won the top prize at the 2016 Google Science Fair. She has also been featured in Vremya, CNN, the Malala Foundation and others, who she uses to encourage girls to STEM.

The Malala Foundation was founded by Malala Yusufzai, the youngest person ever to be awarded a Nobel Prize.

She was a Pakistani woman who campaigned for freedom of education, especially for women, and her campaign resulted in an attempt on her life by the Taliban, which prohibited women from education.

Another activist is Shibby de Guzman, a young Filipino student who has criticized several government decisions, including the funeral of Marcos and the killing of people accused of illegal drugs. She and her fellow Protestants strive to encourage others to confront the injustices facing society.

One such inequality is the lack of students with learning disabilities.

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Jack Bradley battled his own ADHD and autism to write for The Hechinger Report on the problems of special students. He is also a co-founder and ambassador for JackBeNimble, a group that provides special students with the means to unleash their potential.

Robbie Novak, nicknamed “The Kid President”, is another young man who doesn’t let his fortune hold back. Even though he was born with brittle bone disease, his positive was voted on thanks to videos he and his son-in-law post to motivate others to get better.

Another young man who uses his fame to inspire others is Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo, who was born with CCD, or cledocranial dysostosis. He used his fame to help CCD patients, which helps CCD patients.

Yara Shahidi is an Iranian-African American actress from the Black-ish show that explores topics such as racism and violence. She strives for diversity both on-screen and off-screen and has founded the Yara S Club and Eighteenx, groups that foster political and social engagement.

Tamiya del Fuente, 2018 graduate. Her work has been featured in the Tagaytay Artbeat exhibition and in the book Black Flood 2. She also showcased her art at the SM Art for Every event, which promotes student work and sustains their passion. Through her work, she was able to inspire fellow artists to continue their craft.

By instilling in her students not only the ability to create art, but also to appreciate it, Woodrows teacher Marikar Mauricio discovered her passion in college and continued to teach it. She also commissions works and strives to build a permanent art of art therapy. “Imagine, create and share,” she said, adding, “that your art is not meant to be on the shelves.”

Today’s youth have shown that they have been able to improve society despite their age. And with the future in their hands, the world can breathe a sigh of relief as it hopes for a better tomorrow.

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Ten young people for whom the future
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